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2015 September Horoscope

Free September 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly September 2015 Horoscope
Monthly September 2015 Horoscope

The first month of autumn 2015 will be surprisingly warm and it is not all about the weather. Virtually all of the zodiac signs will have powerful solar support in September regardless of their elemental affiliations. Indeed, the emanations of the Sun will be incredibly strong and will suppress most of the negative energy flows that will take place. Nevertheless, some of the celestial bodies of the solar system will retain negative energy and their modality could be dangerous, but we'll talk about that below. In addition to the Sun, Venus will be our most faithful ally in September, the beautiful and mysterious Priestess of Love, which, if desired, can be harsh and even cruel. But this month, the people of the Earth can have no doubt that the influence of Venus is unequivocally positive and quite ambitiously spread far beyond the realm of personal relationships. It is also worth noting the unusual position of Uranus, from which we will not see permanent explicit support, but on whom we can rely in case of an emergency. This point must be taken into account, but it will still be better to think of only your own strength, because without your personal involvement, no situation is resolved properly. Relying just on luck is at least ignorant.

As for the "celestial leaders", in September 2015 the zodiac signs that belong to the trigon of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be left without an additional patron. This is not a defining nuance; yes - it can certainly have a negative connotation, but in reality it is just one insignificant additional factor. The "celestial leader" of the Fire trigon, Mars will give his signs a lot of interesting features in September that will be increasingly linked with the direction of career and professional growth. At the same time, the Air trigon will have Uranus at its disposal, which would be quite an unusual "celestial leader," especially when you consider his interstellar position. Uranus will not supply the zodiac signs of the Air trigon with any additional bonuses, however, the dark planet will have a direct impact on the circumstances that will suddenly change dramatically and irrevocably. So that Air signs have yet to master this curious advantage! The trigon of Earth will get Mercury as a "celestial leader", which as it is not difficult to guess, will focus on the flow of positive energy to entrepreneurship and business.

It is also necessary to consider the antagonistic position of the Moon in August 2015. The situation is complicated by the fact that the Black Moon will completely exit the three-dimensional spectrum and the quadrant of its influence will be unleashed. For the inhabitants of Earth, this suggests that any lunar negativity will be repeatedly amplified and it is really difficult to predict what celestial bodies and combinations can escape it. In addition to the Moon, our other opponent will be Saturn, the Lord of the Rivers of Time. Undoubtedly, the negative energy of this planet will be many times weaker than that of the younger sister of eternal light, but it should be considered. Especially by those who suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The rest must adhere to your goals and you should not give up when facing complications, even if they seem insurmountable.

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