2015 Horoscope for Dog Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Dog

Chinese 2015 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Dog, for the 2015 Green Wood RAM Year

The way 2015 will turn out will depend on whether or not you will be able to get along with the patron of the period the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) and people around you. The Dogs who will constantly bark and whinge will not only fail to make any progress, but will jeopardize their friendship, love and reputation. The horoscope doesn't advise you to expect only good stuff from your destiny; after all, life is a thing made of stripes, so be prepared to sometimes gnaw at the stale piece of bread crust and sometimes even go to bed with an empty stomach. If you learn to look at the events around you with philosophic calm, you'll save much energy and spare yourself from headaches. There is no point in whining and cursing your own bad luck or insidious rivals - useless complaints have never helped anyone yet. In 2015 the Dogs will have to become wiser and more far-sighted. Often you'll find yourself in the situations when you'll have to decide whether you should fight for a tasty treat or, after having evaluating your chances, give up and step aside. However, you shouldn't be too tragic about things - a lost trophy is hardly the last one on earth. If you haven't got something now, you'll be sure to get it and even more in the future; so, stay unshakably optimistic about things to come!

Love in 2015 will be your priority. The Dogs will realize that an office will never replace the warmth of home and even the friendliest of the colleagues still will never even come close to your loving family. Many people will refuse quite a few promising offers in order to spend more time with their loved ones. The horoscope doesn't advise to make the Dog face a choice: career or family? The Dog may very well just slam the door and go look for another employer who wouldn't be asking for such sacrifices. If you are still single, it is high time to get ready for hunting your happiness and the Wooden Sheep will be sure to help you! Happiness is nearby; all you have to do is open your door and let it in. The alliances formed during this period will prove successful and long-standing. The Dog will be a caring affectionate partner ready to loyally protect its other half from troubles, foes and pain. The only bump on a road for loving couples will be the Dog's desire to overtake their loved one's entire life space. Being guided by the best intentions, you'll erect an impregnable fortress around your partner and make it accessible to only those you trust and scare off strangers by all means possible. The jealous Dog will hardly be excited about its partner's new acquaintances regardless of whether they are professional or personal ones. The horoscope advises its wards to tame their possessive instincts; otherwise, 2015 will be overshadowed by constant fights and quarrels with a significant other.

When it comes to work, the year of the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) for most people will prove calm and uneventful. The main action will be taking place on the love front; so you'll give little regard to the fight for the Boss' chair. No, the Dog won't say no to a career race, but if you see that it is not even a battle, but an outright bloodshed going on for a tasty bone, you will choose to retrieve back to your old bowl; it may be full of less desirable treats, but you'll feel safer next to it knowing no one is going to bite your ear off or pluck a handful of fur. You'll go on with your routine work and get your regular wages by staying completely content with your situation. Your strength is your ability to appreciate what you've got without being concerned with your neighbours' wealth or others' territories. Your innate optimism, intuition and hard work in 2015 will let you overcome any difficulties and avoid even the sneakiest of your rivals' traps. Perhaps, you won't be able to fly into space and get the moon off the sky, but you'll have enough things to do here, on earth: you'll hardly have any time left to soar up in the clouds.

What others think to be indecisiveness and lack of ambition, we call a sober outlook on life and practicality. What's the point in browsing through BMW catalogue when the only thing you can afford is a subway ride and a poppy seed bun? You will not be dreaming of impossible by choosing to focus on less ambitious, but absolutely realistic goals; that's why when it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency, the Dog will certainly be ahead of everyone by a mile. In the upcoming 12 months learn to adjust to circumstances by bending under the strong winds and straightening yourself up after a life storm is over. We should be able to change the world around us and change with it. In 2015 place your stakes at your own ingenuity and remember that it's a small Wooden Sheep statuette on your desk that can be made of wood, but certainly not your head!

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