2015 Aquarius Finances Horoscope

2015 finances horoscope for aquarius
If the Water Bearers want to improve their financial situation in 2015 they should take a more thoughtful approach to their spending practices and learn to plan their budget by avoiding spontaneous purchases and expenditures. In the first half of the year you may notice that your financial situation improves. There may be various income sources which, however, will be of sporadic nature. That’s why you should invest the money you make into timeless treasures or real estate. In order to avoid having your wallet empty, then full, then empty again you shouldn’t be carrying all cash you have with you. Have several bank cards with various money amounts on accounts. When going to work or doing groceries, have exactly as much money with you as you plan to spend. If you follow these simple rules you may start the second half of the year with a considerable amount of money on your account and may start thinking of possible ways to invest it.

In the second half of 2015 you may invest your money into new business; you may combine your savings with your spouse’s and make a large acquisition; you may also find a profitable way to invest your capital. However, you must keep in mind that you can’t lend money in the second half of 2015 – you are in danger of cutting your own financial inflow dry.

From January 13 to February 20 and from September 26 to November 12 Aquarius must be especially careful when it comes to property safety. There is a high risk of having your valuables lost or stolen; you may misplace your wallet or bank card.

The following is the most favorable period for buying real property and making large purchases for your home: March 18-31. You should make large investments and buy expensive things during the following periods of 2015: January 28-February 20, April 12-May 7 and October 9-November 8.

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I second that!

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2014 very depressing year

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