2015 Aquarius Health Horoscope

2015 health horoscope for aquarius
The main source of health issues during 2015 will prove to be the Water Bearers themselves. You tend to dismiss the first symptoms of an illness by postponing its treatment until better time; so, donít be surprised to discover that your illness is now in a state of neglect. In order to avoid health problems you should pay better attention to the symptoms your body sends to you. A slight malaise, higher than normal blood pressure or sharp pains Ė these all are the symptoms of a forming disease. The sooner you seek medical help from specialists the more chances you have to get rid of medical problems in the future. You are also advised to pay special attention to your diet and the quality of food you eat. During the year there may be some problems with your digestive tract. Complex surgeries are not recommended during the year, either.

During the period between July 25 and September 6 such things as cosmetic procedures, surgeries as well as piercing, permanent makeup and any other manipulations that compromise the skin wholesomeness are not recommended.

During 2015 take note of the following periods that may affect your health:

February 21-March 31. During this time the risk of accidents and injuries is getting more prominent. Be very careful when taking transportation since thereís a high chance of getting into an accident and being injured. Also, your cardiovascular system will be experiencing significant overload during this time. Try to spend more time resting and donít dwell on trifles.

June 25-August 8. During this time your gastrointestinal tract will be quite vulnerable. This is why you are recommended to keep to a diet and seek medical help as soon as you experience the slightest pain and discomfort. The chance to get food poisoning is higher at this time. Your health is in your hands; so, watch what you eat and drink.

September 26-November 8. The risk of accidents and injuries is higher during this time. Surgical procedures are not advisable Ė the recovery period may take forever. Focus on your gastrointestinal tract during this period. If you are prone to an ulcer, make sure you undergo a preventative treatment since the chance of exacerbation of a condition is high.

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