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2015 July Horoscope

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Monthly July 2015 Horoscope
Monthly July 2015 Horoscope

In July 2015, the planets will be in a very stable but unique situation, one that is resulting from several planetary combinations that are untypical for the second month of summer. First, we should note that that influence of the Sun will drastically weaken and provide the dominating position to the Moon, which in its current stage is the main protagonist of all zodiac signs. The lunar positivity will be spread out evenly among all areas of our lives, which is why even in the most complicated situation each one of us will have at least some support, and as a result a chance for victory. At the same time, we should note the heightened activity of Mars, which is going to be a true ally of all signs for the second month straight. The energy of the Red Warrior will grow softer, which will prevent uncontrollable aggression that could have appeared before even in the most positive of settings. Moreover, we should talk about the influence of Saturn, which this month will also have a heightened intensity of positive emanations and become a "celestial leader" of two elemental trigons at once.

If we speak more precisely about "celestial leaders", sadly the Earth trigon will be left without one in July 2015. There will not be a single planet or satellite among all the bodies of the Solar System what will occupy a position of support for this given elemental direction. However, this is unlikely to be significant, especially with the background of such positive energy that this period possesses. At the same time, the trigons of Fire and Water will receive one and the same "celestial leader" - Saturn. In July, this planet will occupy a unique position due to which its energy flows will possess a wondrous and yet unthinkable dynamic, that can be truly labeled an anomaly! As a result, the Water and Fire signs will receive quality support that is unlikely to focus on a particular side of their lives. On one side, the even spread of positive energy leads to the lowering of its intensity, on the other it guarantees that all the life spheres of the Water and Fire signs will achieve confident help. The Air trigon will receive Pluto as its celestial leader, an uncommon one at that, the help of which mostly manifests itself in the sphere of personal relationships. At the same time, it is hard to predict the methods that the dark planet will use to help the representatives of this element in a sticky situation, so they should not lose their guard.

Speaking of celestial objects whose energy will be most destructive for Earth' denizens in July 2015, Uranus will display powerful negativity. Of course, considering the generally positive energetic background this influence is not key, but it should still be considered because Uranus is far from being the weakest planet of the Solar System in terms of energy. Moreover, he will not be alone in his wish to ruin our lives. Neptune will also try to focus his attention on the third planet from the Sun, but his negativity will be much less intense since its position does not call for active battle. As a result, July 2015 will be a positive time, not as distinct as the previous month, but still quite harmonic.

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