Gemini Horoscope for July 2015

July 2015 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for July 2015

Monthly July 2015 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly July 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

The sign of Gemini, the representative of the mutable cross of the Air trigon, will feel a very powerful influence of Saturn in July 2015. This planet is traditionally playing the role of planet-exalt for the people born under this sign. Saturn will be multiplied in strength due to some general interstellar combinations, which will result in his positive energy being much stronger and more dynamic than usually. For the Gemini, such a situation will appear in the rise of general life wellbeing and an influx of creativity. At the same time, Mercury (the ruler of this sign) will focus his positive influence on the financial sphere and in this direction, the Gemini may hope for significant bonuses. The sphere of personal relationships will be under the influence of Venus, responsible for the fall of this sign. It is hard to say how problematic this direction will end up being, since the energy of Jupiter (responsible for the expulsion of the sign of Gemini) will distract the attention of Saturn, so Venus will have full and unbounded rule over the love front. Nevertheless, the Gemini will have enough force to overcome anything that stands in their way.

In terms of the direction of work, July 2015 will be an exclusively productive time for the representatives of the Gemini sign. You can even allow yourself to relax and enjoy life. Your opponents will luckily be in a bad position (due to circumstances), so you may hope that any project of yours will receive the green light, especially if you work for yourself. Those who are a line employee or occupy a relatively low post will have it a little more difficult than the rest, as their freedom of choice is compromised to some degree by the desires of management. You will have to try a bit in order to display your mastery. If you will find yourself to be successful, then you will be given an especially important large project, the result of realizing which could be a promotion. However, everything depends on you here. The stars are giving you a chance, a possibility, but you are the one that gets to decide what to do with it. So be careful and do not miss happiness, since happiness will be slow and with low reflexes right now so you'll be able to catch it with ease. Do no deny help and attempt to bring other resources to your side to resolve the current problems. Although do not take loans, as that will tie you up instead of providing you with new possibilities.

The love front will not be as positive for the Gemini in July 2015 at least because you will not see any definite problems. However, instead you will be surrounded by a mass of all kinds of arguments and small issues, the amount of which will grow geometrically. At some moment it will seem that overcoming the situation will be impossible, since as soon you solve one problem - three more grow in its place. Do not worry, this is an exceptional event, in which Venus is against you herself. That means that you should not attempt to defeat the circumstances, but instead you should adjust to them. Not fall victim to them, but specifically adapt, like a chameleon adapts to his environment. You should be flexible and attentive, when a problem will not be solved by brutal strength - sharpened empathy and trickery can neutralize even the most destructive events in the shortest of times. Do not doubt your own abilities, act decisively and fast. Do not take what your lover says close to heart. Right now she is wrong and she will definitely understand that, just giver her time. Do not rush head first, otherwise you will just escalate the situation.

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Jay 2015-07-27 08:08:08
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This actually happened to me in this month for love my girlfriend of over a year broke up with me all of a sudden out of nowhere for no real reason because all the ones she gave made no since and weren't true it was so weird hopefully next month is better I sure miss her !
rafeeque 2015-07-15 19:13:24
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