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2015 February Horoscope

Free February 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly February 2015 Horoscope
Monthly February 2015 Horoscope

The third winter month will seem cold for most of the zodiac signs, unlike the exclusively positive and warm (energetically) January. While the dominating position will still belong to the Celestial King-of-the-hill, the Sun, this celestial object will lower the frequency of his emanations, which cannot not affect us. However, in February, the solar energy will not be the only energy and help available to the Earth's denizens. Venus, romantic as the Roman goddess, and as treacherous of a lover to the Sun, will support any zodiac sign, though only in certain situations and only in the area of romance - predictably. At the same time, Neptune will be much more altruistic, and his positive influences will not affected by any variable. As a result, all of the positive influences during this period will occur due to the combined influence of fire and water, Sun and Neptune, and sometimes a little love - Venus. Overall, this is not a bad time for all of the zodiac signs, we will feel especially comfortable in the area of feelings and emotions, while the sphere of finance will bear less of its green fruit. We should especially pay attention the fact that health problems are possible, so people with a lower immunity system should take better care to stay safe.

In regards to additional help, in February 2015 the absence of truly powerful combinations of the celestial bodies will be in some way compensated by the presence of strong "celestial leaders", and not a single zodiac sign will remain on the sidelines. The signs of the Water trigon will receive the Moon to change the tide, while this is an unusual situation, it is exclusively positive still due to the fact that the Moon is a natural patron of the Water element. In other words, by putting on the dress of the "celestial leader" of the Water signs, the sky princess will reinforce her positive emanations to a degree that can signify a more than a sufficient bonus, especially in terms of the relationships with friends and close ones. The Fire trigon during this month will be under the patronage of Neptune. This is a non-standard and quite an unusual situation, as the Leader of the Celestial Waters is a priori antagonistic to any Fire. However, in February the Fire will not be put out, as the signs of this element are most likely to experience a heavy, though not a defining positive influence of this celestial body. The "celestial leader" of the Air trigon will be the ominous and mysterious Saturn, the powerful Ruler of the Celestial Rivers of Time, a very independent, but a serious ally. How strong will be his support is difficult to say, but it is evident that the Air signs are bound to feel it. The Earth trigon will receive the Sun as its "celestial leader", however, this does not at all mean that the positive solar emanations will be especially strong for these signs. Total increase in positivity is not foreseen, however, it is evident that in certain situations they will find a way out easier.

The roles of villains have been filled by Mars and Jupiter in February 2015. Both planets will be quite aggressive towards the inhabitants of Earth. This is not too surprising from the most aggressive planet of them all, which is not called the Red Warrior for nothing, but it is rare for Jupiter to be in such an ill mood. Their negativity will manifest itself in the aforementioned problems with health and finances, as well as a recommendation to avoid risk during the current period (with a few exceptions), even if the chance of victory is great and the prize is legendary. Also, Chiron - an asteroid "wanderer", travelling between Saturn and Uranus, will have an especially negative influence. His influence will manifest itself in the absence of concentration, a scattered mind and an inability to focus on important decisions. It will not be an especially strong influence, but it will be widespread and applied to each sign. This is why in February everybody should be safer, even though the graph of the celestial energy is confidently passing through positive scales.

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