Horoscope for November 2015

2015 November Horoscope

Free November 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly November 2015 Horoscope
Monthly November 2015 Horoscope

November 2015 will be radically different from the previous step. Do not be put off, but the energy situation will be at its most negative. Of course, much depends on the individual stellar combinations and the position of one of the zodiac signs can be radically different from the position of another. However, in reality a situation that will develop on the celestial band will not be the most successful. In many ways, the situation is due to the fact that this period has traditionally been quite negative in terms of total energy background and only one object of the solar system will have a positive impact that will be powerful enough to contribute to the Earth's denizens to at least to some extent. It is the Sun, the permanent ruler of the sky, which will be strong enough this month to be able to challenge such adverse circumstances and try to protect all of the zodiac signs. As far as whether the impact of solar energy will be a success - it is impossible to say for sure without considering the individual parameters. But in any case, this is a chance that gives some confidence that the situation could be reduced to at least a neutral position.

As for the "celestial leaders" in November 2015, each of the zodiac signs will receive an additional patron, however, it is necessary to say that the support of these celestial bodies will be much lower than usual. That is why the people born in any particular trigon should not look forward to particularly large potential bonuses. Nevertheless, it is clear that the existence of "celestial leaders" is better than their absence in any case. Anyways, the Water trigon will receive additional patronage from Mars this month, a planet that is usually sufficiently wary of the representatives of this element. But this is not to say that the Red Planet may not be a good, reliable ally of Water signs. In turn, the trigon of Fire can count on the support of Mercury, responsible for finance and business. And I must say that the promise of financial stability is an extremely important point, given the fact that for all the zodiac signs this will be a really hard time. The trigon of Air will receive Uranus at its disposal, a planet that is strong enough but mixed, meaning he probably will not concentrate his beneficial impact on any particular area. The signs of the elements of Earth can count on the full support of Neptune, the Lord of the Earthly and the Celestial Waters. Probably, in the current situation, he will be the most powerful "celestial leader" one who can really help to improve a given situation.

At the same time the Moon, the Black Moon and Pluto will make fateful triad, one whose impact on the lives of representatives of all the zodiac signs will be unprecedented and, alas, negative. Such a powerful destructive effect will be applied through chaotic, absolutely unsystematic hits - one by one, one life sphere after another. It is impossible to predict any trends or potential hazards. One thing is clear: in November 2015, all the zodiac signs will have to go through a really difficult stage, the result of which may well become a pervasive loss of both the sensory-emotional sphere and the working direction. But of course, we should not lose hope for a better outcome, because ultimately the influence of the stars cannot resist the unwavering will of man, even if we are talking about such a strong influence on their behalf.

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