Leo Horoscope for November 2015

November 2015 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for November 2015

Monthly November 2015 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly November 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

For the zodiac sign of Leo, November 2015 can become quite an interesting month. It can turn up to be memorable and dynamic, though not all positive. The fact is that the only actual ally of the world's population, the Sun, is originally a planet-ruler of the sign of Leo. That means that the people born under this sign have a unique relationship with the eternal luminary in astrology. It is obvious that at this stage this is a really special, if not - an outstanding advantage, which clearly indicates that the Leos will not have problems with vitality. Unlike many other signs of the zodiac, they can count on a powerful energy shield, which will be quite able of blocking the landslide of negative stellar energy. On the other hand, there is the influence of Uranus - responsible for the expulsion of the sign of Leo, as well of that of Mercury responsible for its downfall, adding Pluto, one of the key antagonists of the celestial band at this stage. The matter is complicated by the fact that Pluto is the exalt of Leo, meaning that he is responsible for the flowering of Leo's vitality. Although due to the activity of the Sun and Leo's subsequent resources, the sign will be all right, the influence of Pluto could well undermine their belief in themselves, creating a negative background for most of the surrounding circumstances.

With regard to the working direction, the zodiac sign of Leo will have a lot to solve in November 2015, it is a fact. Although the influence of the Sun allows you to activate and mobilize all of your forces, it still falls short for a full confrontation with an exclusively aggressive reality. This is not to say that you should be waiting for the defeat. This is not about fatalism. For many of the projects and tasks, you will definitely fail. This observation applies primarily to the field of creativity. When it comes to work, which requires the maximum voltage from the left, the sensual and emotional side of the brain, if it is necessary to think outside the box and build on some metaphysical or aesthetic aspects to achieve your goal, you should not even undertake such a task. The period will benefit those Leos, whose work involves direct manual labor. Carpenters, drivers, doctors and other professions outside of the management class will receive special benefits that will neutralize the negative impact of Pluto and Mercury. Others will have a hard time, especially managers and large department heads.

In terms of personal relations, everything will be a little more specific and unambiguous for the sign of Leo than in the field of business and finance in November 2014. Here, everything is relatively clear about your current opponents from the first ten days and you'll be perfectly prepared for what you will encounter. Particular attention should be paid to the extended family, which may cause some problems. Be careful, perhaps, the situation has a much larger scale than it may appear to others. If you understand this, your duty is to solve the problem by employing a maximum of resources as quickly as possible. With regard to the mundane chores, there is not rush. Be careful in the relationship with your partner, harmony can easily be replaced by a fierce opposition at this time, and if that happens, you will have a very little chance of doing anything to fix it. So if you need back up, wait out the difficult stage, consider other options. There is no need to act swiftly now and although sometimes the problem may not seem resolvable, do not lose faith in yourself and act wisely.

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