Libra Horoscope for November 2015

November 2015 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for November 2015

Monthly November 2015 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly November 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

The zodiac sign of Libra will have to go through a whole series of unique tests in November 2015, much like many other signs. These tests may prove to be fatal to one or another aspect of their lives. Of course, this is not a fact and it is difficult to predict the development of an event, if it involves a human - the most chaotic factor. Anyway, the Libra will have strong allies among the celestial bodies at this stage. The first is Venus, which is a planet-ruler of this sign. The influence of Venus is, oddly enough, focused on the working direction and, although we can hardly expect significant changes, Libras will definitely feel some support. In turn, the planet exalt this sign, Saturn, will be many times weaker than Venus, so the Libra may still have some problems with the level of activity and the supply of their energy. Mars, responsible for the expulsion of this sign, will be overwhelmed by the influence of Uranus, the "celestial leader" of Libra. At the same time, the Sun (responsible for the fall of the sign) will shield its own emanations and will completely neutralize its potential negative due to some interstellar emanations.

In any case, the zodiac sign of Libra should not expect to have many problems in the direction of work in November 2015. The first thing to pay attention to are colleagues and those with whom you have to somehow interact in the process of performing your official duties. Be very careful, Venus will somewhat increase your empathic abilities, and you will begin to literally "feel" the people around you. Do not place your bets on your new found opportunity, because due to the overall negative energy background, you will often make mistakes. So you will have to combine intuitive action with quality, cold calculation. If you do not have your own business, then you are recommended by the stars to slow your operating speed and to forget about your own ambitions. No, of course you may well act on previously laid plans, gradually realize your current projects, but be prepared for the fact that the result may disappoint you. It will not be an obvious negative, but your expectations will not be met.

The sphere of personal relations may very well become a testing ground for experiments for the sign of Libra in November 2015.The fact is that dozens of the most diverse options and opportunities will appear in front of you right now, but make no mistake, none of these will bring you bonuses and most will fail completely. You can interpret this part of the prediction in whatever way you like, the stars do not say more. Probably, this will be a bright, dynamic and an ambiguous time, one that is absolutely insane and crazy, with lots of romantic and intimate relationships. How it all fits your personal settings and what you will come to in the end is hard to say. One thing is clear - do not expect a positive result that meets your hopes. The easiest way for you to be in this period is to decide to take everything in as a game, a very unusual and an ambitious one, but sill a game. Of course, this paragraph does not apply to those who are the proud owner of a second half in their lives. For such people, this month will be kind of checking, testing the senses. You will see plenty, understand a lot, and surely lose much as well. But in return you get a unique experience, the utility of which you define yourself.

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Nor 2015-11-07 04:47:10
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Plz awak up life not a sign ok
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tiana 2015-11-02 07:14:41
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ow well at least were at the end of this year maybe 2016 will be positive
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autoprt 2015-11-02 06:48:30
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agreed for the past few years just one negative horoscope after another for libra, 1st its saturn then this or that tired of all the negativity.
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josh 2015-10-31 23:16:05
Yep - Every months is a total shadowy forecast's here - better change air
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GG in Houston 2015-10-26 11:25:51
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Is there ever a positive outlook for Libra on this page? Gees, I'm depressed now.
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tabasum 2015-10-26 03:04:33
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I trying to get ta 30*40 site for builds to home
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