2015 Horoscope for Ox Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Ox

Chinese 2015 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Ox, for the 2015 Green Wood RAM Year

In 2015 those of you born in the year of the Ox (or Bull) will resemble a laborer who was asked to repair a watch delicate mechanism with the help of a crowbar and a sledgehammer. Your arms will feel as strong as never before; you'll be full of inexhaustible energy; however, there will be no ambitious goals for you to be able to apply your own talents. The horoscope advises to neither hassle nor organize revolutions; after all, you may use new opportunities for constructive purposes. Early on you should make peace with the idea of not always getting trump cards, but you should always persevere till the end by using what you've got. During this period you should avoid making fundamental changes and reckless decisions even if you're sure your actions will be beneficial for those around you.

The patron of 2015 - Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) - is a rather stubborn creature who doesn't like being dragged somewhere even if this "somewhere" is sheep's paradise with selected pastures, crystal clear streams and no voracious wolves in sight. The moment you decide to charge through by crushing obstacles to dust and leveling mountains with hills, life will start throwing curveballs your way and pulling you back with all means possible. You should consider it a good thing if, as a result of it all, you at least will keep your current position; after all, you could have lost everything you've gained - that would be much much worse. The horoscope advises the Bull to be just like the water stream which, on having encountered a stone on its way, doesn't try to move it away; instead, it gently flows around it and continues on. In 2015 stars suggest we should all place our bets on a final result. Base your personal judgements on whether or not you have reached a set goal - how many rivals you have stamped into the ground and how many fences you have taken down during your life race does not really matter.

Amorous relations in the year of the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) will not be abundant in emotions and impressions by proving too stable and steady for the Bulls. In your opinion, they will simply be boring and predictable! If you want your relations to feel like a rollercoaster ride which lifts you up and brings you right down, you should choose a truly passionate and really reckless Zodiac sign to be your partner. Most people's life will be uneventful and even-paced which will make them look for adrenalin somewhere else. The horoscope doesn't mind you focusing on something else, but it strictly forbids you to leave your love life without any nourishment at all. Even if you are yearning blazing fire and instead getting just gentle tempered warmth, you can't just stop throwing more wood into the family fire. The moment you relax and settle cozily by the window to watch the colorful carnival of others' lives, troubles will just start happening: mice will make it into your home; the roof will break a leak; the wallpaper will unglue itself from the wall... Your partner won't be able to single-handedly manage chores at home; so one day they will simply pack their bags and leave. If the Bulls don't want to be left alone growing huge horns, in 2015 they should remember to be affectionate and romantic.

In the work environment those born in the year of the Bull will feel like showcasing all they are capable of to the whole wide world. The more ambitious and the riskier the project, the more passionate you'll feel about it. Minor insignificant projects that typically go unnoticeable by your management will hardly interest you; but you'll be more than happy to invest all of you into a promising project fraught with hefty profit. The year of the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) will help you get to know yourself better as well as improve your overall professionalism. The Bulls will finally come to appreciate the importance of etiquette and diplomacy; as a result, it'll be much more comfortable to work with them. People will learn to look for emergency exits and spare egresses instead of trying to break through the locked doors until they can't even draw another breath. Keep in mind that even a tightly boarded doorway doesn't mean that on having removed all the boards and pulled all the nails out you will find a better way to a set goal. You may find a monolithic wall and a bitter disappointment instead. If in 2015 you learn to turn to your colleagues for help, you'll save a lot of time. There's no denial that a desire to gnaw at the granite of science is very commendable, but what's the point in breaking teeth at the hard rock when someone has already crumbled it into fine dust and is ready to show you the most effective ways? One more curveball the 2015 year of the Wood Sheep may throw your way is your own impatience. The Bulls will want all and now and it must be better than what neighbours have. Picture this: you've got only one field to cultivate and you are to make a choice what to grow on it. On the one hand, wheat will provide bread; hop will mean beer and hemp can be sold for good money to local dopers. You want it all: food, booze and profit, so it'll be quite hard to make a choice. Those of you who won't be able to define their wants will end up digging through their field many times by pulling the sprouts of the previously sown crops and seeding the new ones; as a result, they'll get nothing more than a hole from a doughnut. Things will not be better for the philosophizing Bulls - while they are lost in pondering, analyzing and weighing things out, the season will be over; the neighboring fields will be ready for harvesting and your land will only have weeds. In the year of the Wooden Sheep you should set a goal and take consecutive steps toward it; then life will reward you with both nutritious tops and sweet roots!

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what is my protection for all bad luck in this 2015.and what cure that i have to wear to get job for this year 2015.thank you pls response.

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