2015 Taurus Finances Horoscope

2015 finances horoscope for taurus
The Bulls are in for an eventful year of 2015 when it comes to money activity. You will have to embrace the main quality of your Zodiac sign: frugality and fundamentality. Stars will give you an opportunity for that, however, much will depend on your ability to properly distribute your funds and successfully multiply them. You are likely to buy real estate/piece of land during the year. You will also want to make some changes in your place or do some renovations. You may relax Ė you will have money for it. During the summer months you should pay more attention to solving the issues associated with banks, loans and credits. It is during the period of June 15 and September 18 that youíll have a chance to borrow money under the bets conditions possible. You may have some problems when trying to get approved for a loan during any other period of the year.

In the second half of 2015 Taurus may count on having its revenues increase at the expense of some side jobs, new job and new opportunities. You may also expect some small winnings. However, donít forget to pay your taxes since this particular expense will be quite burning for you all year long; unexpected mandatory expenditures may significantly damage your budget.

During May 13-June 24 the Bulls must be very careful with how they spend their money. At this time youíll be prone to reckless spending and unnecessary purchases. Also, the risk of losing your wallet, accidentally blocking your credit card or breaking a rare valuable item is getting higher. Keep an eye on your belongings, money and valuables.

Itís better to make real estate deals until August 1, 2105. During the time between August 1 and September 6 it is advisable for you to stay away from acquiring real estate, buying furniture and doing renovations. You may face deceit and your investments may soon go ďbelly upĒ.

You should choose the periods between January 28 and February 20, April 12 and May 7 as well as October 9 and November 8 for making large purchases.

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