2015 Good & Bad days Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2015 Good & Bad days Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Good & Bad days Horoscope 2015 for the year of the Green Wood Ram

Taurus, look to be experiencing many highs and lows this year! The solar eclipses, falling on March 20 and September 13, won't affect you all that much. The same can be said for both lunar eclipses, falling, on April 4 and September 28. But, you'll still feel the pull. For the solar eclipses, you could sense an opportunity coming your way, even though it may be a small one. During the lunar eclipses, a sudden ending could jolt you, but again, it won't be as big. But of course, it's always good to keep an eye out! You'll have a good amount of dates to look out for, both good and bad. The dates that you should be looking out for are January 21 and July 25, when times will be tough for you. Not to worry, you'll have your good days. March 31 and May 12 will be your high-energy period, and you'll feel this goodness for 2 months.

The future is your thinking point in January. Going the right way in life and achieving your future goals are very important to you. Daydreaming about your future may feel counterproductive, but indeed it's not, and you'll see that there's nothing wrong with constantly thinking about this. Mercury will go into retrograde starting January 21, and not only is this a retrograde, but a hard square in your sign. So, while you're fully focused on your future, don't let conversation with others fall overboard, as it easily will at this time.

Your worries about your future will fold over into February. Constantly going over the same path over and over isn't leaving you feeling very secure. Possibly going along a different path will help you overcome this insecurity. Beware of that pesky Mercury retrograde until the 11th of this month as well. If you thought you were feeling out of sorts, you'll feel it even more due to the poor communication during this time.

Change is the name of March's game for you. Adjustment is key in order for you to get through this month. But of course, being the stubborn bull that you are (and we say this totally out of love Taurus!), you don't like change one bit. Try to switch these sudden changes into a positive of some sort. By realizing that getting rid of the old and embracing the new is nothing but a good thing, you'll feel much more at ease with things. On March 17, we will have your ruler planet, Venus, entering your sign. Venus is associated with well-being, so remember that these changes are for your benefit.

April brings lots of stress, and since you're not used to dealing with it, it'll cause problems. Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand, so don't be surprised if you feel on edge now. Relaxing your psyche is key in April, as you could feel like you're sick. We also see Mars entering your sign in April, and staying there all month. This will be a high-energy period for you, so relaxing may not be possible. However, because of this high energy, the stress you feel this month won't really bother you too much. Just be aware and maybe take on a physical activity to get your mind off things. Have you been looking at starting a new fitness regime? Now's the time to start!

Financially, May could be a trying month. You'll feel the need to go on shopping sprees, but these spending melees will come with huge buyers' remorse, so be careful to not go overboard. The high energy from April carries into May, until the 12th. This will fuel into your spending urge. Try to keep yourself occupied in other ways, like exercise or taking on new projects. You'll definitely have the energy for it. After Mars leaves your sign, you will feel constantly irritated. You will feel extremely impatient and like any little thing will push you past your breaking point. Just be on the lookout for important situations that could do this, and try to steer clear of them.

In June, you feel like you could conquer anything, your confidence is so high. This feeling will likely last all month long, but you'll especially feel it around the beginning to mid-month. You feel like everything is at your fingertips. Of course, this isn't how anything works, but with your confidence going through the roof, why not shoot for the stars? You'll see that there are more people on your side when you feel like this, and you have the energy to get it done, so take the effort and collaborate with those who will help you.

July is a time to decide. Should you make things right with that certain someone? Was it even your fault? If you answered no to the second question, don't let it be because of your pride. No matter whose fault it was, try to forgive and forget. Put your pride aside. Your ruler planet Venus goes retrograde July 25, so you'll find out quick that if you let it get in the way, nothing will really go your way.

During the entire month of August, Venus' retrograde continues. You'll feel like something just isn't right, and because of this, you'll be very indecisive. You're so unsure about everything, therefore your emotional stability takes a nosedive. Any issues you're dealing with this month should be diligently worked to get better.

Thankfully, the retrograde that has been bogging you down will finally leave September 5. This puts a definite spin to September. Those changes you were so afraid of back in March? You'll embrace them now, as you've finally figured out how to handle them. Thank the eclipses for this, because they all had a big hand. Speaking of eclipses, the lunar eclipse lets you know it's time to let something go you've been going back and forth with for a while. Going through it will make you feel much better.

October is a time for you to let loose and have a good time. You've been through so much this year so far, and letting off steam is just what you need right now. A vacation is a great idea around the middle to the end of the month. Even a long weekend will do wonders for your psyche. Just rest, relax, and enjoy.

Productivity is November's theme. You'll want to be productive this month, as it will keep you out of trouble. The energy you'll feel all month long is a bit like restlessness, like if you don't work, you're not doing it right. Keeping busy is key to avoid any issues and snapping at someone important.

Holiday time comes in December, and you'll want to be around loved ones. Alone time isn't really your thing right now, but being around everyone constantly could work on your nerves too. Just learn to balance the two this month, especially during the beginning of the month, and you'll enjoy this holiday season very much.

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