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2015 March Horoscope

Free March 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly March 2015 Horoscope
Monthly March 2015 Horoscope

The first spring month will bring many zodiac signs a lot of positivity, while some trigons will have to seriously try in order to live through this time without losses. Within the positive celestial bodies we should note the Moon, which will occupy a pretty unique position. Our only satellite will become the only ally by our side that will occupy a very strange position this month. This month, the Moon will leave the limits of its standard energetic modality and will occupy a positive position in reference to all of the planets of the Solar System, without exception and including the planets-antagonists. It is quite logical that the Water trigon will receive an extra drop of positivity, while other zodiac signs will not be left out and will also receive powerful energetic support. Mars will also stand by our side; the fierce Celestial Warrior is rarely a supporter of a sign, not mentioning of the entire celestial band. So the situation that is going to occur will be a very unusual one and it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. Apart from the Moon and Mars, Mercury will also support the Earth's denizens as a celestial guide to trade and diplomacy. This means that March 2015 will be a great time to make any deals concerning mutual work. The stocks of large companies will rise, while small firms are also unlikely to feel strong negative hits this month.

In regards to "celestial leaders", in March an entire two trigons will be left without additional help. Despite the fact that the spring positioning of the celestial bodies is not predictive of any serious problems, the absence of a "celestial leader" does not promise anything great for a sign. First of all, this is in regards to the Water signs. The Air signs will be left handing as well. Saturn, the mysterious Ruler of the Celestial Rivers of Time, will be the "celestial leader" of the Earth trigon. This means that the Earth sings will be quite attentive to their past experiences and will have a large edge over their competitors and opponents. Of course, the stars will not do anything for you, but from the first days of March you will feel how your concentration is significantly heightened, while your memory works almost ideally. The Fire trigon will receive the fiery Mars, and it is likely that the signs of the Fire element will be the most protected ones during the current period. Although we should not forget that the influence of the Red Planet sometimes has serious side effects, representative in heightened aggression and an inability to perceive the opinions of others.

Of course, to maintain the global energetic balance, not all of the bodies in the Solar System will be supporting the Earth's denizens in March 2015. Venus, the beautiful, but treacherous goddess of love will betray us and behave quite aggressively which may lead to an anomaly. This anomaly is an abnormal rise in empathic abilities. Moreover, all of the signs should pay special attention to their wishes and feelings. Should you dive into thoughts and get rid of your principles by letting in an animal spark, at least for a minute, then you will face great difficulty in returning to normal. Moreover, apart from Venus - Neptune will provide us with negative emanations in March 2015. It is difficult to say what we should await from this planet, but it is quite likely that the sphere of life on which Neptune would like to focus on will be under threat of problematic situations. Nevertheless, each of the zodiac signs will have enough strength to overcome any problem right now.

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