Gemini Horoscope for March 2015

March 2015 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for March 2015

Monthly March 2015 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly March 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

The zodiac sign of Gemini will feel a powerful positive influence of Mercury in March 2015. Mercury is traditionally the planet-ruler of this sign. Due to a unique general combination, Mercury will multiply the strength of his positioning and will be supportive exclusively of Gemini. As a result, the sphere of finances and business will blossom for them with potential and capability. Moreover, we should not forget that Saturn, the Ruler of the Celestial Rivers of Time, is the planet-exalt of the Gemini, which means that he is responsible for the blossoming of the sign's life energy. In March, Saturn will cooperate with Mercury and it is unlikely that you will find a single planetary influence that will overcome this tandem. The only negative of such a situation is that the influence of these planets will spread only on the work and entrepreneurial sphere. The love front will be left unprotected, which treacherous Venus will certainly use, as she is responsible for the fall of the Gemini sign. Sadly, but many serious problems and unfortunate situations may arise from such a fact. Luckily, Jupiter - responsible for the expulsion of the Gemini, will not support Venus and his negativity will be fully blocked by the energetic shield of Mercury and Saturn.

As a result, the work direction of March 2015 will be overwhelmingly supportive of the Gemini. By the dawn of the first ten-day period the stars will provide you an opportunity to reveal yourself. It is hard to say which moment will be defining, but you do not have to doubt - you certainly will not miss it. Perhaps the management will suddenly grant you an important task, or maybe if you have your own business, one of your partners will reveal sudden new opportunities by giving you a great idea. Do not deny the opportunity to collaborate, even if the situation may seem a little strange to you. Think, analyze the situation and if the risk is minimal, then act bravely. Of course, no one will do anything for you, but an increased perception may come as quite necessary in a critical situation. Also, pay special attention to your schedule, as it is likely that you might significantly optimize your work day with some shifts.

As was stated above, the sphere of personal relationships will not bring the zodiac sign of Gemini anything great in March 2015. From the first days of the month, Venus will start to press you and your lover. You will feel difficulty in maintaining the situation under your control, just remember that you have no tasks that will definitely go unresolved. You need to focus and with necessity get away from the attacks of your lover. There will be much baseless blaming that you should not take close to heart, which would be great to remember. You might have tension with friends, but it will be simpler in this sector, as such a relationship does not presuppose any fundamental responsibilities. This does not at all mean that you should just let go of everyone left and right, only because your acquaintances are not always correct. Hard times hit everyone and being patient is the highest of virtues during such moments. Try to pay attention to what's polite and do not step over your own principles. Sometimes it may be best to step aside and let events happen the way they should.

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