Leo Horoscope for March 2015

March 2015 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for March 2015

Monthly March 2015 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly March 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

In March 2015, the zodiac sign of Leo will not be experiencing any exclusive influence on behalf of the bodies of the Solar System. The key influence on this sign will be performed by the Sun, which is traditionally its planet-ruler, as well as Pluto - the exalt of Leo. These will be positive emanations of stable intensity without any anomalies. At the same time, Uranus - responsible for the expulsion of Leos, will maintain his classic position and will try to bring the people born under this sign as much negativity as possible. It is unlikely that in March this planet will have enough strength to overcome the energetic blockage of Pluto, but some negative emanations may still reach Earth. If we consider the fact the Mercury, responsible for the fall of the Leo sign, is the protagonist of Pluto, we should be especially protective in the work direction. This may be the only sphere of the Leo's life that will be under some threat this month. Otherwise we can talk of a relatively stable and productive time.

So March 2015 will see some clouds in the sphere of finances and entrepreneurship for the Leos. It is unlikely that you can await serious problems, but complicated situations are quite possible. You should not relax, as the devil is in the details. In other words, the stars recommend that you mobilize your resources and try to accomplish all of the tasks that you have planned. It is hard to say how far you will reach in your own plan, but the responsibility given to you by management should be fulfilled fully. That will allow you to lower the possibility of problems, as well as active actions being overall beneficial for your career. Just one note is that you should try to have the peak of your activity in the end of the second ten-day period or a dawn of the third. At this time the positive emanations of your ruler and exalt will be as strong as possible due to the Moon transforming into a powerful energetic prism. Such a situation always happens during the New Moon and in other moments. If you have your own business, then try to not focus on your competitors and instead try to find new allies and partners. The stars do not promise you help, but predict that you will definitely have possibilities.

The sphere of personal relationships may be described as stable for the sign of Leo during March 2015. However, in the current situation you will feel a thin line between stable and stale. If you planned a vacation or a large family event for this month, then it is best that you leave the idea behind. It is unlikely that you will able to realize everything as intended, while during another time you will certainly have more possibilities. Try to maintain what you have and do not aim for more. The stars recommend that you try to create a strong foundation from which you can expand later. It is possible that this is also connected with your relationship. Do not rush to get to another level, wait a bit and in the end the result will be much better than one you might have hoped for. The advantage of such a situation is that you will have a long time for thoughts that may bring you to hidden, but much more productive decisions. Do not worry if something is happening much slower than you initially planned. In reality, everything is going the way it should be and even though winter leaves the river frozen in ice, spring melts it down and the water continues to run its course.

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