Horoscope for June 2015

2015 June Horoscope

Free June 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly June 2015 Horoscope
Monthly June 2015 Horoscope

The first summer month of 2015 will be a month of transformation and metamorphosis of all of the zodiac signs. Most of these changes will be positive. In June, especially towards the dawn of the third ten-day period, the Sun will occupy a unique position that will allow it to provide all of us with unbelievably powerful waves of active life energy. It is usually at times like this that the workability of Earth's denizens reaches its peak. Currently, it is ever more frequent that you can find exceptions to this rule, but in June 2015 everything will be as predictable as that. Moreover, Mars will have an exceptionally positive influence. The Red Warrior was overly mean the last month. Now, Mars will cardinally change his position and will play the role of a confident ally to all of the zodiac signs. In reality, such a situation occurs less frequently than you might think. The tandem of Mars and the Sun promises unusual, wondrous events in all spheres of life. Certainly, depending on which sign you belong to - the individual aspects may seriously differ. This time is not all positive, but it can definitely be called as life-defining, a stage full of mystery and wonder.

In regards to the additional protectors of the zodiac signs, sadly not all trigons will have a "celestial leader" in June 2015.The Water trigon and the Fire trigon will have to make due with just classic combinations and the basis set of celestial bodies of the Solar System that have their traditional influence on them. The Air trigons will receive Venus as its "celestial leader", a passionate and sly Priestess of Love. It is difficult to say how strong the support of this celestial body will be, due to the fact that Venus is a classic antagonist of Mars, which is especially strong right now and is helping all of the sings - including the Air trigon. Nevertheless, the influence of Venus will felt, especially in the sphere of personal relationships, where the Air trigon are likely to solve a mass of problems that were poisoning their life for a long time. The "celestial leader" of the Earth trigon will be Pluto, a small and a faraway planet, which is mysterious and unpredictable. In regards to unpredictability, you should not be afraid of it since everything will go the way it should - Pluto will start supplying his supporters with powerful and active waves of life energy. The factual aid of this planet will also manifest itself in the fact that sometimes circumstances will befall you in an exclusively lucky way.

Jupiter will be the main antagonist of Earth in June 2015, it is him that we should await negative emanations from. It is evident that the negativity of Jupiter will be strong enough and standing up to it alone will not be possible. That means that you should not deny help when offered, especially if the ones offering are your relatives and friends. Jupiter is really a dangerous opponent and currently he will be supported by the Black Moon, the ruler of the foul mysteries and terrifying nightmares. At the same time, the direct influence of the Black Moon is hard to call definitively negative, since unlike all other planets - this celestial body does not correspond fully to our reality place. The Black Moon operates with different categories than the rest, so it is fully unpredictable and may offer sudden spiritual or material bonuses. So overall, despite the influence of Jupiter, June 2015 will be a relatively positive time, albeit not a stable one.

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