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August 2015 monthly horoscope
The third summer month of 2015 will be a turning point for many of the zodiac signs. In addition, the general zodiac atmosphere will significantly deviate from its harmonic values in August, which is why the upcoming events, while certainly large, will not be quite positive. Most of the situation’s aspects will directly depend on the previous life stage. Out of the more active bodies of the Solar System, Venus and Jupiter should be specially noted. The seductive and treacherous Priestess of Love will support all of the Earth’s denizens in August 2015, regardless of their sign affiliation. Undoubtedly, such a strong ally will come in handy in any situation. On the other side, due to the heightened dynamic of the Venetian energetic emanations, some people may have issues controlling their own emotions. It is doubtful that this nuance will have vivid negative consequences, however, it should still be considered. Jupiter will end up being more composed and his support will not bring any negative side-effects.

The Air trigon will not have an additional protector in August 2015, which is why the representatives of the zodiac signs in this element will have to be especially careful and not lose their attentiveness no matter what. The Water trigon will receive the Sun as its celestial leader this month, which is quite an unusual situation, due to the contrasting nature of energy flows. Nevertheless, the Sun will definitely fulfill its requirements to the fullest and the representatives of the Water zodiac signs will have to spend much less resources in energy in most situations than they would have otherwise. The Fire trigon will acquire no less of a powerful ally – Mercury. This “celestial leader”, as suspected, will focus all of his energy on the sphere of entrepreneurship and business, which is why in most cases the Fire signs will receive a special benefit in this given direction. The “celestial leader” of the Earth trigon will be Pluto this month. The dark and mysterious planet will not cause a direct influence on the representatives of the Earth trigon, but its presence will be felt by them throughout the entire month.

Among the bodies of the Solar System that will not have a positive influence on the lives of Earth’s denizens, we should note Mars, the Moon, and the Black Moon to a slightly lesser degree. In regards to the Red Planet, towards the end of the summer Mars will suddenly decide to turn away from us, despite the fact that we felt his all-encompassing support for a long time now. As a result, no matter which trigon you belong to – you may feel sudden outbursts of aggression, while the Fire signs may face truly serious psychological problems due to the additional influence of Venus. Overall, due to this unusual combination, this month will end up being difficult to people that are overall bright and emotional. So the first recommendation from the stars, regardless of sign and element affiliations, is to control yourself and do not let aggression get a hold of you no matter what. The influence of the Moon will be no less destructive, but the sun of the night will focus its energy flows on the other side of people’s lives – the spiritual one. This is why many people will find it to be quite a challenge to distinguish the good from evil, even in small details. That should be considered if you want to live through this period in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

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