2014 Year of the Green Horse – Chinese Horoscope

2014 Year of the Green Horse – Chinese Horoscope

2014 green Horse is a noble, active and hardworking animal that will be with us through over the 2014 year, it will be charging us with enthusiasm and positivity. The long-haired patroness is unlikely to shake the foundations of the world, attaching humanity with epochal events, but it will definitely crank the internal foundations of individual personalities. The behaviour of the 2014 Green Horse is neither stable nor permanent, so be prepared to maneuver between traps and look for the stream that will carry you in the right direction!

Now, let's observe how the various signs of the eastern horoscope will spend their year 2014:

Rat. You will have a hard time getting along with the Green Horse, as the four-footed patroness of the 2014 is an alien to your inherent materialism and a strict sequential thinking. Given the instability of the external world and the predisposition of the Universe to adventures, the gray rodents will not have it easy. Do not agree to play by the rules imposed, because the risk and hope for blind luck is not your style. Natural prudence will help you protect your territory from invaders and replenish pantries. The same situation will occur on the love front: the Rat will prefer to sit as a quiet partisan rather than die on the front lines. Loneliness, of course, does not bring positivity into life, but it will relieve unnecessary suffering.
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Bull. In the Year of the Horse, the representatives of this sign will have enough strength to pull two carts, all while enticing in romance. Due to natural hard work and perseverance, you will get a great deal on the career field, because any boss appreciates the efficiency and thoroughness. If the Bull makes a commitment, then he will definitely pull through to the end, in fact without any prodding or reminders. In matters of love, you show the same seriousness and responsibility, as you do at work. Bulls are ready to make commitments and prefer to demonstrate with actions, than with fine words. In 2014, this could cause a cooling period in your couple, because not all signs are capable of distinguishing inner gold from outer gold gilding. Try to add a little romance to the life, and then your relationship is not threatened!
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Tiger. Fervor, enthusiasm and determination of this sign will force Lady Fortune to deal solid aces into the hands of the striped ones, allowing them to easily defeat the cards of competitors. In work, success awaits those people that burn ahead, dragging colleagues with them, not just spread smoke, forcing others to choke. If you are tired of the office oppression, try to find a place with a free schedule or establish your own business. The Green Horse values freedom, so it is sure to help the Tigers to escape from the shackles of the employer. On the love front, there will be both successes and failures, but you should neither excessively savor the first nor get too hung up on the second. Neither excessive complacency nor increasing self-criticism will help you be happy, so take all events as a learning experience and continue to look for true love!
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Rabbit. In 2014, the horoscope advises people to set themselves adequate goals; otherwise, nothing will come about except inner discontent. Remember that a constant cell and regular carrots are not too bad, is it worth it to break free into a fun but dangerous world? The fact that other signs climb the career ladder, risking themselves and taking down the barriers in the way, absolutely does not mean that the rabbit can achieve equally good results. In marriage, the Horse will not allow its furry fellow to remain with the wrong person, so that false feelings and light affairs will gradually melt, like sugar in hot tea, except that they will not add sweetness to life.
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Dragon. In the Year of the Horse, the lack of luck will be more than offset by your strength and vigor. In work, the representatives of this sign will become the fireworks that will light those surrounding them with enthusiasm and will show the current events in a non-trivial light. You will not be demonstrating the signs of a workaholic attitude, but thanks to the creative approach, you will achieve no smaller results than your more diligent colleagues will. The horoscope recommends you remember that the dragon wings are given to you to strive upward and not to fall down into the swamp of life. Keep a clean game and do not throw your opponents in the sewage, or there will be an unpleasant sniff coming from yourself.
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Snake. To survive in the hostile environment of 2014, you will have to demonstrate an extreme flexibility, an ability to disguise yourself, and at the right moment attack with a lighting speed. Through multi-step combinations and subtle game, the Snake will be able to turn from a pawn into a queen, by moving aside figures that are more powerful. However, in view of the fact that the circumstances will often develop not in the way you want them to, you will periodically need help and support, so try to gain sympathy from the right figures. In relationships, the Snakes will have to remember that love is still a pair dance, so individualism and independence are unacceptable here. If in 2014 you do not learn to move in rhythm with your partner, then you will just stomp on each other's hearts and fall hard.
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Horse. Due to the location of the celestial bodies, you have all the chances to win this year's tournament of life; however, victory will not be easy. Competitors will not humbly lay down their arms and run away with frightened cries, instead they will defend their positions to the end. If the Horse does not rush headlong at the enemy, but instead will devote time to strategy and tactics, then its chances of success increase significantly. Try to make a move in 2014 towards a new life, finding an additional source of income or changing the current professional course in favour of a greater benefit. The Green Horse promises his protégé help in overcoming the obstacles encountered so do not be afraid to move forward. In a relationship with someone, keep your temper in check; do not allow your nature to break through in jealous scandals and unfounded accusations, or towards the end of the period you will be left alone in the stall.
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Goat. In the Year of the Horse, you will become a powerful magnet that attracts the right people and the right events that play into your hand. In terms of career, you will want to shine in your new role, and the Green Horse will endorse innovation and surely support you in this endeavor. Thanks to unerring intuition and a creative view of things, Goats will become a lure for any employer. However, the horoscope advises you not to be filled with a feeling of permissiveness and power, because not every burden is up to our strength. Take from life only what you are able to bear or triumphal projects will turn into a tombstone on your business reputation. In love, Goats will want to experience the high feelings of passion and romance, so their partners will change frequently and a relationship may be postponed indefinitely.
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Monkey. The year 2014 will likely seem to be drab and boring. The work does not require incredible energy costs from the Monkeys, because circumstances will shape according to Destiny, not people. If you are tossing in life, knocking over your feet and losing your breath, then you are running in a wheel in that has little impact on the outcome of your case, but is useful for the figure and general vitality. The lack of highlights in the careers of the representatives of this sign is compensated by stormy romances. Perhaps only mannequins will be able to resist the Monkey's charm in the Year of the Horse, but bringing them to the registrar's office will only work if they are bound hand and foot. Dissatisfaction with your own wellbeing and career prospects will make you shy away from a serious relationship, disappearing from the horizon of a loved one as soon as they hint at a quiet family haven.
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Rooster. The horoscope advises members of this military sign to not waste time on useless confrontation. Try as much as possible to divide the spheres of influence with your competitors and to direct your efforts into a more constructive direction. Work on profitable projects and gain credibility, which in the future will help you take a step up on the career ladder. In 2014, your harem will be obsessed with monogamy, and each hen will require the title of sole. Roosters have to give up numerous romances and direct your temper towards a legitimate partner, because the Horse does not tolerate adultery and severely punishes for it. Who knows, maybe because of that you will be able to see the true love that you did not yet notice in the crowd.
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Dog. If you always wanted to become a leader, the Year of the Horse is ideally suited for this. Now you have everything you need: the respect of colleagues, the reputation of a reliable partner and the sympathy of your bosses. The main thing now is not to give up in face of trouble and act with the friendliness and honesty inherent to your sign. Remember that the best tactic for Dogs is an economy of effort and sudden lightning-quick jerks. If ties of love affairs do not yet bind you, in 2014 try to fix this fact, as Ms. Fortune is ready to organize you a fateful meeting to make its faithful ward happy. Appreciate what life gives you because once pushing away a loved one, it is possible to be alone forever.
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Pig. For you, the coming period may be difficult; in fact, you have to adjust to the pace of racing horses, but believe me, the result is worth it! Give yourself to work 100% and then management will not pass you by with attention and competitors will not stomp you into the dirt. In personal life, build equitable and transparent relationships, avoiding manipulation and innuendos. Pigs must remember that the feet are given to us in order to make a step forward towards a loved one, not to crumble on the spot. In 2014, show more determination and pressure, then your favourite person will not become prey to your more active competitors!
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