2014 Horoscope for Ox Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Ox

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Ox, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

The year 2014 will remind Bulls of a life in a village. You will have to get up at dawn, pull the heavy plow all day, but in the evening, you will find a cozy stall, the deserved portion of hay and a bucket of cold water from the well. Honest hard work and full commitment - that is the secret of success in the coming year of the Green Wooden Horse. The patroness knows the value of work, so that the people who decided to cheat and lie down in the shade will be punished mercilessly with setbacks and failures. Fortunately, you belong to the sign that is used to achieving everything on its own, without relying on the grace and favor of the higher powers of Fortune. To get rich, the Bull is ready to plow from dusk till dawn, but he will never go rob carts on the road or look for mythical treasures. This quality will be very helpful to you in 2014, so place the bet on your own hard work and endurance. However, do not expect that the first month under the patronage of the Horse will bring in fabulous wealth and success. Be ready to wait for fruits of your labour. To eat the apple, the Bull will have to plant a tree, water it every day, protect it from hungry insects, and then climb the trunk for the long-awaited fruits. The first half of the year will be a period of investment of effort, time and money, but in the second half, life will feed you your well-deserved fruits. Management will finally notice the responsible employee and will encourage him with a promotion. In 2014, to keep your captured positions, you will have to constantly replenish your knowledge by attending professional courses and reading specialized literature, after all, the lame bull has no chance to lead the race for Lady Luck. People that are tired of sitting in the office can begin working for themselves. Forget rest and use every opportunity to increase your wealth. You were offered an extended line of duty with pay raises. Accept! It is possible to get a second place of work. Excellent! Have time on the weekends to paint bowls and sell them? Great! Do not be lazy because the golden rain will pour over the Bulls only as a well-deserved reward for their diligent work.

Remember that material well-being is given to us not only to meet our own needs, but also to ensure that we can reach out to loved ones. If someone from your family needs the money, then share what you have accumulated, because during hard times the family must survive as a cohesive body. The horoscope warns that the remainders from your past will overshadow the beginning of 2014. Try as hard as possible to close down old debts and grievances; otherwise, you will have to pull a heavier burden than one you have intended. Bulls should match their capabilities with their wishes and not try to jump over their heads. Remember that nervous situations and fatigue will negatively affect your health by undermining the immune system and plunging you into a depression.

In the Bulls' family life, a moment came to revise the rules or perhaps even change the form of government. If up to this point, your walls were reigned by absolute monarchy, while the opposition was ruthlessly suppressed and sent to the kitchen to peel potatoes, and then in 2014 expect a riot on your ship. If the Bull does not weaken the bonds and does not recognize that the children and the lover are entitled to their own opinion, then it should wait for revolution. You will become a recipient of rudeness, brawling, boycott, and will be fed exclusively cold sausages. Do not allow the opposition to open conflict and talk to the people in your household from the heart. In the Year of the Green Horse, you will need to come to compromise and turn disgruntled subordinates into full-fledged allies. The Bull that will be able to take a step forward towards his loved ones, will as a result keep power in his hands, while the one that will ignore this advice, will have to get used to living among discontented faces, under a hail of recriminations and no clean shirts. In the family harness, do not seek to solve all problems by yourself. It can happen so that an overly active Bull, dripping with sweat, is making his last efforts to drag a heavy plow on a stony field, while the members of the household are sitting in the shade and sipping a cold brew. For the results to be valuable for the whole family, relationships need to be built together. This is not a one-man show, and you cannot play all the roles at once, so spread the load evenly among family members.

The 2014 Horse will give the people that did not yet manage to offer their other half their hand and heart a chance to fix the omission. The sensible, pragmatic Bulls do not tend to suffer from insecurity and long decision fluctuations. Despite the stability of the relationship, the horoscope advises you to type the word "romance" into a search engine from time to time and use the advice of the Internet to bring a breath of fresh air into the established way of life. You realize that the best proof of your feelings is the bread bought and the money isolated from the family budget for new boots, but your loved one may want to have a candlelit dinner or an unplanned bouquet of flowers. If the Bull does not want their partner to leave for some local Don Giovanni, then it is worth to play by somebody else's rules form time to time, presenting pleasant things and making surprises. To the single representatives of this sign, the Green Horse does not promise stormy romances and love at first sight, but if you demonstrate perseverance in your search for the second half, then the universe will reward you with a fateful encounter, if that is what you need. Love, money, luck - all of that the Bull will have to get with his own strength, but it is for the perseverance, diligence, and reliability that this sign earns the respect of the surrounding people and the 2014 Green Horse.

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