Taurus Horoscope for December 2014

December 2014 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for December 2014

Monthly December 2014 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly December 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

The House of Taurus, the leading sign of the Earth element, will experience a confidently positive influence from the "classical" celestial bodies of the Solar System in December 2014. This means that most of the planets that have a direct influence on this House will only be positive. For example, the Sun - the exalt of the House of Taurus, will be significantly reinforced due to some interstellar emanations, which will create an undoubtedly positive emotional background for the representatives of the given zodiac constellation for the entire month. At the same time, Venus - the planet-ruler of Taurus, will also receive an additional energetic stimulation, which will of course be positive for the Taurus themselves. The priestess of love will most likely be capable of screening through most of the potential negativity in terms of the love sphere. What is curious is the relevant position of Pluto. This conservative planet, responsible for the "expulsion" of the House of Taurus, will suddenly betray its usual disposition and will give its full energy for the benefit of those born in this House. Only Saturn, responsible for the "fall" of the Taurus, will remain loyal to himself. In addition, some negative combinations will reinforce the ruler of the rivers of time, which is why the Taurus may experience issues with planning throughout the entire month.

The sphere of entrepreneurship and business will be quite successful for the Taurus in December 2014. You may boldly take on the most complicated projects, you may offer your management and colleagues the boldest of your initiatives, and you may bravely dive into battle with stronger forces of your competitors. In each one of these directions, you will definitely succeed at all your goals and will reach what you desire. Of course, that is if you work without rest. Otherwise, you may not even hope for success, do not even hope for handouts. A well-deserved victory - this is about you. In the end, it is doubtful that you will need any extra efforts over what usually happens within your well-known conceptual homework. However, as stated above, Saturn does not plan to sleep. His influence will be in that you may face serious problems with your objective analysis of the information you have available. In other words, you may make too many mistakes when planning some events. This speaks to first, you having to be very cautious. Second, listen to your friends. Currently, a fresh insight from someone else may be just what you need.

The love front will be a calm direction for you in December, although the stars do recommend that you pay special attention to some things. For example, during the first ten-day period and especially during the Full Moon (December 6), there is a real danger of a conflict of interests. The interests of you and your lover. We are not just talking about some banal argument, but a direct conflict of some key principles of your worldviews and perceptions. This may turn out to be a massive conflict ending in separation. If this is not what you want, then we should state this upfront - you must let go of some of your principles and your lover must too. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will separate towards the middle of the third-day period. You may consider this a checkpoint for your feelings, which you may not surely pass. Nevertheless, if you know yourself that your feelings are not sincere, then maybe the negative result will be quite reasonable. In any case, the choice is yours, and you must make your choice based on your own emotional drives. Not in any other way.

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