2014 Horoscope for Dragon Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Dragon

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Dragon, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

In 2014, the year of the Green Wooden Horse, Dragons will show the rest of the world what it means to live well. Clothing from the latest fashion collection, luxury watches and high quality perfume will become mandatory attributes of this mythological creature. You can see them at the movies, at a nightclub or a show, where they will be hotly debating, brilliantly humorous, and change the people's understanding of the world by building a universe not around the Sun, but around themselves. It is possible to fall in love with a Dragon just by looking at it from the site, so charismatic and attractive are these fire-breathing lizards to the members of the opposite sex. The combination of ease, recklessness, and freedom will not leave anyone indifferent. When we are near the Dragons, we get a feeling that we are immortal and can live happily without the guidance of another's moral of social framework, after all - you have centuries ahead of you to fix your mistakes and start living the correct, proper, and respectable existence. Unfortunately, at work, you are not as bright and noticeable; you will prefer to sit in a dark corner slowly performing routine cases. If an employee of the sign has shining eyes and his fingers run fast on the keyboard, you should not think that he is being keen about a contract for the supply of plywood in Bobruisk. Most likely, the Dragon examines interesting photos on social networks, or talking about unofficial subjects in messenger.

You treasure chest will be slightly expended and will fall shorter in 2014, because the high life requires more than tangible costs. A Dragon will not have fun at other people's expense, so he will have to wave goodbye with its wing to a comfortable old age, and completely surrender into fun youth. The situation will normalize slightly, because the Horse will occasionally throw the winger lizard a lucrative contract or two allowing them to earn. The horoscope advises that you sometimes turn the red light in front of your desires and curb wasteful impulses, or on December 31st, you will have to sell your lizard skin for bags and shoes to celebrate the New Year.

If people ask the Dragon, why scramble trying to impress others and spend long hours in front of a mirror, picking your scarf, which should be ideal to the shade of the eyes, then after rummaging in his heart, he will admit that he does it to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In 2014, you will clearly realize that life without love is meaningless. Dragons want to soar in the sky in pairs, wings catching the warm air currents, and knowing that a person nearby is able to fly at the same height. You do not hesitate to devour a knight in armor, if it will help with the heart of a beautiful princess. Despite the goodwill of the stars, do not think that beautiful strangers will be knocking on the door of your apartment, or wait around the corner to throw themselves at you. Maintain an active lifestyle, meet new people, attend fun activities, and then you are sure to meet your destiny!

In the Year of the Horse, family Dragons will be pacified and happy. They have a safe den, which the enemy cannot penetrate, featuring a loyal other half with the children, of which you can rightly be proud of. However, the horoscope advises the winged lizards to not perceive life as an eternal holiday, and at times get down to earth. Of course, it is good to see distant horizons and long-term prospects, but our life is made of short moments that fill it with meaning. Hot dinner and a bouquet of flowers on the anniversary of the wedding are no less important than your Napoleon's plans to conquer the world in the name of the bright eyes of a loved one. Do not neglect the household stuff, after all - misdemeanors and offenses erode the relationship like rust. Think of how many romances collapsed because others around them have beat it by hatred and rejection or how many due to being undermined by constant inattention and indifference among lovers. Do a common project together, like renovation? Joint work will rally your family, teach them to overcome difficulties together and reach out for each other's helping hand from time to time. If the Dragons do not want to grow a layer of fat, then they should not idly lie around in the den, shuttling between the refrigerator and the sofa. Take time to do sports training, go on a healthy diet, otherwise instead of a majestic raptor, people will see a human bun with wings.

In work, the Dragons will succeed thanks to a non-trivial way of thinking and an easy-going attitude to life. Requiring hard, hard work from you is the same as to harness the cart with a mythical creature and use it to move stones instead of the cheap draft power. Dragons are set for flights and feats, not being a simple mule, and the Green Horse understands this well. If you have proven yourself a valuable and competent person, then 2014 is likely to bring you the desired boost, even if your current success is worse than the one of your colleagues. The Dragons horoscope advises you not to neglect the routine duties and not to mix work with personal life, even if every female employee seems to be the Aphrodite, all male employees seem to be Apollo, because rapturing the relationship will negatively affect the work processes. Look around, appreciate the concentration of attractive persons per square kilometer of urban asphalt, and you will understand that risking a stable place and a good salary for three nights is not necessary. Do not be afraid to fly skywards, straight to the clouds, and look down at the world, because the gray walls and solid ground under the feet are not for you!

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