Leo Horoscope for August 2014

August 2014 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for August 2014

Monthly August 2014 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly August 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Leo, the zodiac House that is closest to the source of the solar energy, particularly due to this quality will have real chances to oppose his opponents in August 2014. Undoubtedly, Uranus - responsible for the "expulsion" of the House of Leo, will be unusually strong and all his active energetic emanations will be concentrated on the sphere of business. Meanwhile, the love front will be the occupation of a slightly weaker, but nevertheless persistent Mercury, the planet responsible for the "fall" of the Leo. You should also not forget about Pluto, who in his usual position is the planet-exalt of the Leo. In August 2014, the ruler of the reality's insides will change the vector of his initial energetic emanations and all their negative energies will crash down onto this given zodiac House. Only the Sun will not abide by the usual tendencies by saving its position as the planet-ruler of the House of Leo. In the end, the power of the celestial king will confidently compare against the total negativity of all other celestial bodies of the Solar System.

One way or another, but in terms of the sphere of entrepreneurship, August 2014 may end up being a stable time for the Leo. You should of course prepare for a magnitude of possible surprises, most of them will not be so positive. However, on the other side, you will have enough strength to fight any problem, your protector the Sun promises you that. As a result, you will have a balanced situation: fate will not spoil you with special successes or lucky circumstances, but it will not sit idly either. Attempt to take on a number of projects, pick the biggest ones if you can. Raise the bar as high as you can, qualitatively speaking not in quantity. In other words, there is no reason to cater to tens of potential allies. Instead, take the three "fat whales" and apply extra effort on them. Yes, you will have to try hard since the overall astral plane is not on your side. However, if you will have enough confidence and desire to go to the end, then you will not find a lack of energy. One more important thing: make it a rule to examine concluded agreements, this will allow you to see a lot of new information and act more effectively in the future.

In terms of personal relationships, looking back is not going to be worth it. When you will face serious disagreements with your lover in the middle of the first ten-day period, definitely do not attempt to bring up past examples. Work with the current and the future, or else you will strongly regret it. At the same time, do not forget anything, since your main weapon against unceremonious circumstances is your memory. In addition, learn to forgive. Most likely, your lover will be wrong about many things during this period. However, her mistakes will not be so critical that you may do something irreversible. Remember that everyone pays for their choices, so if you want someone to break your fall in the future, then you have to do the same. In relationships with friends, try to adhere to the golden middle. On one side, do not show off your worries too much. Sincere help on behalf of your true comrades will not keep you waiting, but if you always rely on others then you may forget how to do things yourself. You should not be a cold statue either; friends are there specifically for sharing each other's load and making it easier to carry.

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