2014 Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Leo

Astrology forecast for 2014, the year of the Green Wood Horse. 2014 Horoscope for people born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

If you are born in the sign of Leo, in 2014 you'll have a chance to introduce many changes to your life.

Time has come to have your dearest dreams come true. The Sun is on your side and its combination with Mercury and Uranus will minimize their potential negativity. Celestial arena will be void of any enemies. Saturn might cause some trouble, but if you take precautions, this trouble will not be worth mentioning. Pluto will turn its favorable eye onto Leo as well during this time. You'll enjoy its spotty, but sure attention. As a result, 2014 is looking quite promising. You might change your priorities this year or, on the contrary, reach new heights by staying true to your old self. It must be noted, though, that Leos should activate their energy in unison with favorable planets when their support and protection are the strongest. It then makes sense to divide the year into three segments each of which will have its own peculiarities and offer its own way to deal with problems.

The first segment will have its beginning in January and end in early May. During this time the Sun will be somewhat tepid. Saturn's negative energy will equally be moderate. In January-February Leos will have a partial success in achieving their goals, but when spring draws to an end, things will look up and in May things will be just the way Leo wants them and even better! To put it simply, if you are born Leo, stars recommend that you make steady efforts in achieving your goals. Just remember: moderation is best, don't try to get everything at once. In general, the solar system planets will favour you, but it is always a good idea to keep a well thought-out strategy ready at hand, especially a long-term strategy (up to 6 months long). A good plan of action will let you cut down unreasonable expenses and allow for a wise distribution of your funds. It goes without saying there will be some unpleasant surprises which can be grouped the following way:

The first group of surprises will let itself known around early March. The probability to develop a new illness is quite high during this time. If you are a Leo, you should take a real good care of yourself since your health might be very vulnerable and possible health problems might take long time to go away. You might have the same problem in early May. Even though it is going to be less serious, you should still try to follow a good old advice of taking a thorough care of yourself.

You'll get the second share of surprises in April or early May. This time, the troubles will be of a purely technical nature. Don't expect them at your work place, though. It's your love life that will be affected. In other words, your car might break down one weekend when you and your significant other are on your way to a picnic spot. Another example might be your computer that shuts down on you when you need it the most. In any case, it doesn't seem possible to prepare for these troubles. But what is possible and advisable is to try and deal with the problems in a calm reserved manner. You should keep your guard up, but remember - constant tension and intent focus might lead to some serious stress with all its negative consequences.

If you are born in the sign of Leo, the second stage of 2014 for you will start in late May and last all the way till September. Unfortunately, it is not going to be the best time for your career development. It goes without saying that the planets will still harbour you from the troubles of life, but it doesn't mean you should fully confide yourself to the stars. It's you who are ultimately responsible for your life. This will be the time to do your utmost best to cope with the problems. This will require some sober thinking and full suppressions of emotions. Not all of them, though... You will have to decide which feelings you want to keep alive. You'll have everything you need and more and starts will help you along the way. To cult the long story short, Leos will have to pull themselves together, rethink what is possible and steadily move towards the set goal. You will share your journey with friends and family who will show you their utmost support. Moreover, things will be smooth in your love life, too.

The third segment of 2014 will encompass late September, October, November and December. The stars will be your biggest fans right about now. You won't have to deal with any crazy managers and their unrealistic demands. You won't have to worry about any mean colleagues who are waiting for a chance to stab you in the back. You won't have to get disappointed by any business partners who unexpectedly cancel business talks and nullify promising contracts. You won't have to worry about any of this. Favourable conditions will follow you wherever you go. It'll be the perfect time to direct all your energy towards implementing your most daring projects without any fear to lose. Leos should keep in mind, though, that good luck is always on the side of hard work. In other words, the stars will provide you with 30% of good luck under the condition that you'll take care of the remaining 70%. Nothing and no one will be in your way and best of success will await you.

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