Leo Horoscope for September 2014

September 2014 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for September 2014

Monthly September 2014 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly September 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Leo, the unchanging ruler of the fire trigon, will face a whole array of dangers in September 2014, which may become fatal. Nevertheless, due to the generally positive energetic state of the astral fields of the Solar System, the House of Leo will obviously not only be able to withstand sudden blows of fare, but also strengthen its positions on all fronts. The Sun, the planet-ruler of the Leo, will be strengthened during this time period significantly due to it being one of the three foundational columns of the "purple triangle". Particularly to the representatives of this zodiac constellation, this means that they will be fully protected against external influences. By the way, we should note that the Leo will not lack enemies. Pluto, the planet-exalt of this House, will betray its usual dispositions and betray his earthly protege. The dark planet will be supported by Uranus, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Leo, and Mercury, whose power stretched over the "fall" of this House. However, even the combined negativity of these three planets will not be sufficient to break through the solar shield. This is why Leos should not expect any special problems from the current period.

Nevertheless, the sphere of business and entrepreneurship may bring the Leos a handful of surprises in September 2014. For example, on the dawn of the first ten-day period you should be ready for a part of your plans becoming obsolete due to radical changes at work. It is likely that this will be connected with yet another idea that management has in regards to optimizing production. Though you should have nothing to be afraid of, just be prepared for change and then everything will affect you in the smallest way possible. Especially if you are far from being a frontline employee. If you work for yourself, then it is evident that it is you who will decide to implement some changes. Be careful, the stars are supporting you of course, but they are not all-powerful. If you do not manage your resources well and spread them out too thinly, or put them in an opportunity that does not pan out, then you may end up in a serious loss. So do not count on luck, do what you must only after the necessary, well-thought out, clear, and sequential analysis, otherwise there is a high chance of a serious mistake. On the dawn of the second ten-day period there is a likely conflict with your business partners. Do not serve anyone, it is likely you are just being lied to and cheated.

It is unlikely that you will face an equally screaming lie on the "love front", but you should not lose your vigilance either. Although, for example, within the relationship with your lover there will be absolute paradise. You will literally finish each other's sentences. There will not be a barrier that you will not be able to overcome together, even the occurrence of barriers seems illusionary. So you have nothing to worry about. Just think about how to combat other problems. It is likely that at the dawn of the second ten-day period there will be some tension in the family circle. It will be impossible to resolve it immediately, so you will have to wait until it will developed into a full-fledged conflict. This will occur around the end of the second ten-day period. Then you will have to apply some serious force for the situation to not spin out of control. Focus yourself, evaluate the situation, and strike once but sharply. You will not have either the will or the time to solve everything peacefully. So by applying the most cardinal and sharp measures you will be in the right. Just return to your usual state after the conflict, do not get into it too much.

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chuck 2014-09-09 13:04:31
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sad but true what swings once,swings twice for you on the 4th of September 2014,,duck fast but get up quicker....
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mohit sah 2014-08-28 09:37:24
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I want to know the 4th sep 2014 horoscope for the sign of leo
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