Leo Horoscope for March 2014

March 2014 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for March 2014

Monthly March 2014 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly March 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

For the zodiac sign of Leo, March 2014 will be more positive than negative. Undoubtedly, this month will witness a multitude of all kind of conflict situations of different complexity and scale, but all of them can be easily resolved with some focus and concentration from those born under this sign. Of course, the celestial protectors of this sign will not leave it without help. Especially, the Sun and Saturn will be of help to the Leos. The Celestial King, our unchanging light, being the planet-ruler of the Leo sign will grant its earthly protege a powerful energy defence that will be able to block most of the external negativity. Saturn, playing the role of the "celestial leader" of this sign, will concentrate its positivity on the sphere of personal relationships, where Uranus, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Leo sign, will oppose it. However, you can say with almost 100 percent certainty that Uranus does not have a chance of success. At the same time, Mercury, responsible for the "fall" of the Leo sign, will attempt to bring into his life a portion of negativity, focusing on the area of work. This will be especially noticeable during the Full Moon (March 16th).

This way, the area of work may not be so positive for Leos during March 2014. Due to the special activity level of Mercury, surprising situations are likely to emerge, which may come as unpleasant surprises that have far-going circumstances. Of course, that is if you do no attempt to do anything about it. The stars will provide you with the necessary help, but if you do not wish to change anything yourself, then nothing will change. After all, the stars do not command the fates of men; they just help men in determining their paths. Therefore, during this moment of time try to concentrate your energy on the detailed monitoring of the situation. As soon as you notice something unplanned or what causes suspicion, then immediately try to resolve it. During such moments you can even forget about your main directions, as any nuance can currently grow into truly humongous problems, so you should take measures as efficiently as possible, or else it will be even worse later. However, now you have a real chance to ensure yourself and your business a stable and progressive existence with minimal efforts.

In terms of the love front, you are unlikely to encounter similar negativity. Here, the negative effect of the aggressively tempered planets of the Solar System will be minimal. Nevertheless, it will take place, and if you consider that the only planet that is covering this area is Saturn, then you will have to seriously think about whether everything will be as successful for you this month. Just do not worry about this too much. All problems could be resolved. All problems will be with you until the middle of the second ten-day period, exactly until the Full Moon. After that, new conflict situations will not be arising and you can fully focus on the ones that you already have. Or you may solve all of them even during the first ten-day period of the month and enjoy rest and harmony during the remainder of the time. You can decide for yourself. The stars recommend that you pay special attention to the atmosphere surrounding your family hearth. Try to neutralize conflicts between your relatives. If you need to be sly about it then be so, otherwise you may not achieve positive results. The main thing is not to let conflicts grow. If you will be able to withhold problems within the magnitude in which they formed, then you surely will be able to solve them.

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