2014 Horoscope for Rabbit Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Rabbit

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rabbit, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

Rabbits or Cats - the only sign to whom the hostess of 2014, the Green Wooden Horse will allow to bask on the oven and purr in pleasure. Many of the things that other people achieve through hard work, you will receive at the expense of personal charm and charisma. The horoscope advises that you find a balance point where you are completely satisfied, and then you live in that point, rejoicing in every coming day. Rabbits will acquire many new friends, and reinforce their relationships with the old ones, so they will not meet a lack of dialogue and caring. The time has come when you can focus on yourself, breathing deeply and providing sufficient time to those closest to you. The Horse will look past the fact that you do not provide 100% at work, so use the breathing space provided to fix up relationships with your family and loved ones.

Ambitious Rabbits, those eager to conquer the career alternative of Mt. Everest, are likely to be disappointed. The thing is that the high-spirited Horse is rushing forward with the speed of the wind and requires the same from its protege. The domestic Rabbit - Cat with its short legs and rounded belly just cannot maintain the pace. He will wear out his feet into blood, break his claws, roll in the mud, but is unlikely to finish in line with the inners. Failures have hurt its self-esteem, causing bitterness and disappointment in its heart. The Rabbit will begin to blame itself for weakness and others in treachery. To avoid this situation, you have to simply accept that 2014 is not suitable for radical change of life and the pursuit of the blue bird of luck is better to be postponed to a more favorable time. Live in the old tempo, celebrating the small victories and not dwelling on failures.

If the Rabbit will want to eat a fish at work that is too tough or too large of a piece to handle, then it will choke the Rabbit, cut off its breathing, so carefully balance your strength before undertaking the project. The horoscope promises a number of interesting proposals to change the scope of your activities or expand your range of duties; however, you need to think carefully whether to rush straight into it. Maybe you are comfortable with the current level of congestion, and the endless deadlines and force majeure will only lead to nervous breakdowns and dissatisfaction with your life. Do not rush to change your place of work, even if you are told that the adjacent neighbourhood offers a kilo of fish for one caught mouse, which could be a rumour after all. If the Rabbit will leave its current employer without a stock of new proposals, it will spend quite a lot of time wandering about without and office roof over its head, wasting its subcutaneous fat. Remember that in 2014 of the Horse, you had better hold on to the peace and stability without resorting to the adventures and escapades. Do not go into conflict with your superiors and try to recommend yourself in the eyes of the boss as a responsible, good-faith employee, which, though does not tear competitors with its teeth, still completes the job accurately and in a timely manner.

In terms of expenditures, the Rabbits should control themselves and their household members, not giving them the means to throw money around left and right. Risky transactions and financial ventures are not for you, so do not expect 2014 to be a year of rapid enrichment. Even if you have windfall profits, these most likely will come from unplanned sources. Maybe an elderly aunt will give you her apartment or an accidentally bought lottery ticket will win a prize. Either way, the gift of fate should be used smartly. Invest your newly acquired funds into a stable enterprise, which will not request from you an investment of time or energy, and will allow you to live well, thriving by periodically removing the cream.

On the family front, favourable reports face the Rabbits that feel that they are beside the right person. When the house is ruled by peace and harmony, we are happy to rush home from work and try to please our other half with pleasant trifles. Rabbits are recognized artists in creating an atmosphere of comfort and care, and happy and well-fed representatives of this sign will bring in quiet happiness into their home for a peaceful family life. However, your favourite spot in the apartment will still be the soft sofa, because the habits of a spoiled child and sybarite will not leave you in 2014. Household trifles will as always have little effect on the Rabbits, which may cause righteous indignation of other household members. Do not behave yourself in a way like bread grows on trees, and trash self-destroys every evening, so make your contribution into the maintenance of order in the house.

If the Rabbit will be unsatisfied with the current relationships and will starts to feel a cold breeze of alienation, then it will start to arch its back and hiss angrily at others in protest. Internal discomfort will be eating the pet, so it will probably remember the tale of the Rabbit who walks by himself and rush to find a new partner. You will not tolerate scandals and clashes, preferring silence to turn around and walk away, waving your tail at everybody, or finally surrender, as long as the military action on your territory ceases and the house restores its relaxing atmosphere once again. Perhaps, Rabbits feel that any bad experience can harm their health, so they are carefully enclosing themselves away from the conflicts with the outside world. If for some loud swearing is a way to relieve stress, for you it is a bad mood, blood pressure problems, headaches, and general fatigue. Try to create harmony within yourself and then in the entire year of 2014 you will be satisfyingly purring and feasting on your favourite sour cream!

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