2014 Horoscope for Snake Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Snake

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Snake, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

2014 will unlikely to be the time of victories and achievements for the Snake, because most of their energy will be occupied with not falling under the hooves of the Green Horse. I do not want to say that the four-legged hostess feels hostility towards you or wants to crush you into a leather strap at first chance; it is just that in the heat of the race it does not notice anything except the finish. The fiery temper of Horses will make this period a rapidly changing and an unpredictable one that does not appeal to the leisurely Snakes. You are used to laying still for hours on a rock, basking in the sun, when all of a sudden life will demand from people to run, to fight for something, to win. Most likely, a wise Snake will withdraw from racing after the blue bird and will let the world rush past her. The horoscope does not promise you any significant jumps on the career ladder, nor change of nationality or other revolutionary achievements. Try to maintain stability and harmony within yourself, dodge the blows of fate in time, and send forces to strengthen the family fortress. At work, you will be stretched in all directions, testing you for flexibility and strength, so you will seek refuge in your family walls. There, Snakes will always be listened to, understood, and comforted. Family members will help and support even if all of the fashion houses proclaim snakeskin to be the main trend of 2014, and glamorous ladies will open hunting season. If the snake can painfully sting that it only when protecting the nest fro its enemies. A man that offended your loved one will witness an instant transformation of a harmless snake into a venomous cobra, and will son regret his attack. This year, you should seek a more spacious loft or start repairs, because the Green Horse looks favourably upon those who want to improve their living conditions.

Snakes whose loving relationships have not yet been established, in 2014 will fall under the hail of tests. The universe will test your pair through wealth and poverty, rivals and opponents, mothers-in-law, so that eventually lead you two to a breakup or a fun wedding. If the feelings are mutual and sincere, you will find a compromise, even if a loved one is feeding her cat cute white mice or requires a 5-course breakfast. The main thing is not to make the periodic quarrels and friction too painful. You can open the soul to a man, but do not appear before him entirely without skin, because we sometimes lose control of ourselves and crack down on our partner a flow of cruel, unjust accusations. Always hide behind a protective film that will not let you burn at the stake of love. Many snakes will be unable to put the common interest above personal desires. Because of the refusal of the second half to allocate money from the family budget to five pairs of boots will be seen as greed and stinginess. These couples are likely to fall apart in life, unable to withstand the scandals and the misunderstandings. If you do not learn to listen to and consider your partner's opinion, then he will simply disappear from your life, so you will not be able to hiss at anyone during the long winter evenings.

In 2014, the Year of the Green Horse, it must be remembered that snake venom, of course, helps cure many diseases but is not an absolute panacea. Concern for your health with due attention, because the energy makeup of stellar patrons is now extremely scarce, making the snake easy prey to viruses and germs. Do not look for recipes on the Internet such as "1000 and one way to treat appendicitis with oak bark and garlic", and immediately contact the specialists as soon as this or that organ fails. Do not forget about healthy food and full-fledged sleep, and then your protective shell will not be thinned and will not cover in holes under the blows of your environment.

Success on the labor front depends on the behaviour of the Snakes in previous years. If you have spent all your time spitting venom at those surrounding you, then in 2014 they will fully return the loan, with percentage interest too. Enemies will not be able to deliver deadly stings, of course, but will walk over the snake in revenge, and will jump on top of it to ensure full karma. Try to make friends with colleagues; otherwise, you will have to survive in the heavy atmosphere permeated by hostility and negativity. If normalizing relations fails, then join in the search of a new job, because the horoscope cannot promise you career achievements in the existing circumstances. To break the enemies and snatch a piece of the desired life, Snakes should have steel teeth and the stranglehold that the representatives of this sign simply cannot boast in the year 2014. The best tactics under the circumstances are the defensive ones, which do not allow the enemy to destroy the fortress built by you and deprive you of further shelter. In terms of money matters, it is important for the Snakes to observe reasonable expenditures. Although in the next 12 months, the flow of funds will be smooth and stable, you will not succeed by buying and showing off white yachts. Carefully plan the family budget and try to save for a rainy day. Perhaps the Snakes will be offered a second job that will allow them to maintain the well-being of their family at a decent level. However, the members of the households themselves will not simply let you drag them with your neck, and also attempt to contribute into the common pot. In 2014, live in harmony with the outside world and do not get into fierce battles for tidbits. Just lie in the hot sun, listen to the rustling of grass, and let happiness fill every ell of your body.

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