2014 Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Virgo

Astrology forecast for the 2014, the year of the Green Wood HORSE

For Virgo the year of 2014 will prove to be quite successful.

Virgo 2014 Horoscope

Overall, this year for Virgo can be compared to a journey of a sailboat. The fragile boat can easily break on underwater reefs without clear steering and skillful captain. If you happen to be a Virgo, you'll have to do your utmost best to avoid many of the troubles. You'll have to stay focused, sober-minded and composed in order to stay clear of any troubles, which similar to gigantic waves, can easily sweep you away without any possibility for you to regain your course. It is clear that it is not going to be easy to go through a year like this, but if you follow the right course, you'll be able to bring harmony to your life, gain new allies and conquer new heights.

Mercury, Neptune and Venus will have the main effect on Virgo this year. Out of three, Mercury will be the only planet on your side with its positive energy doubled. Neptune and Venus will turn their back on you. Even though Mercury may neutralize most of vicious duet's negativity, some of it will still find its way around the Mercury shield and cause lots of troubles. We'll talk about it later. One way or another, 2014 could naturally be divided into 5 stages. Each of these stages will be characterized by its own set of features which will be discussed below.

The first stage will probably be the shortest and last through January 2014 only. If you are a Virgo, it is recommended that you channel all your energy towards solving the most burning problems. You should single out the most promising project and prepare to go into battle for it. It might save you from future troubles. Financial side of things might be tarnished by some difficulties. It is not surprising given the fact that all your resources will be used to achieve the main goal. In other words, if you do everything right, you might develop some issues with your finances and it will be quite normal considering the situation. Your love life will be calm and harmonious, but promises to be carried away by the tornado of events.

The second period will last from February till May. The very beginning of this stage will give Virgo some hard time. If things were taken care of in January, though, many problems will be easy to avoid. If Virgos were lazy instead, no one will be able to help them once spring is in the air. Things like getting fired or going complete bankrupt (if you are self-employed) are more than probable during this period. If you managed to lay some foundation in January, things may look better than one might think. Virgos are not going to be alone in their pursuit of success. You might acquire new allies who will become your close friends in the future. And this is worth a lot! Your love life may undergo colossal changes and your significant other will play a key part in it. Your loved one's behaviour will strike you as odd, to say the least, and due to a whole number of reasons your relationship will be pushed to an edge. Fortunately, you'll still have your sound health.

The third period of two summer months (June and July) will turn out to be the most favorable for Virgo. The only exception may be your health. All achievements and accomplishments from the first half of 2014 will concentrate in one point of time and space. As a result, Virgo will have an amazing chance to realize their potential in the short period of time. You may expect unbelievable profits and you will be right to do so. If everything goes well, all the problems will disappear. On the other hand, you shouldn't expect much result if half-heartedness was your attitude in the first half of 2014. When it comes to your health, sudden exacerbation of an acute illness might make any problem look huge. Fortunately, your finances and personal life will not be dimmed by any sorrow.

The fourth stage of 2014 for Virgo will start in August and finish on October 23 (New Moon). During this period things will turn on you once again. But this time you'll have solid experience and sturdy theoretical and practical foundation to rely on. Any problem will be conquered. If you stick to a well thought-out plan, based on equal parts of pure logic and emotions, you will be able to accomplish what others wouldn't even dream possible. By the way, don't forget about the emotional side of things. Your feelings may just provide an answer to a troubling question. Things are not going to be easy. This period might even prove to be one of the most difficult in Virgo's life. Hey, no one said life was easy and things just happened on their own. You will, however, have the right tools to fight with. As a bare minimum, you'll have your health and happy relationship with your loved ones.

The fifth period will start in late October and finish when the year of 2014 is over. This stage of Virgos' life will be a natural outcome of their activity during the previous months. In other words, all celestial objects will be completely neutral towards you.

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