2014 Horoscope for Dog Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Dog

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Dog, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

In 2014, the Dogs will be in harmony with the patroness of the period - the Green Wooden Horse. These sings have much in common: hard work, perseverance, loyalty to those dear and willingness to protect them from all the ills of life. For you, it is essential to be in demand both in private and in professional fields, because without a sense of self-worth you lose the taste for life. Dogs are ready to guard the house, to catch criminals, to walk on their hind legs at the circus - all of this in order to be appreciated and praised by the people around them. The four-footed hostess knows this quality of its charges, so in 2014 it will try to surround Dogs with thousands of important matters, major projects and urgent tasks. Your phone will start ringing and your email box will be breaking from the incoming mail, you will not have much time to even take a sip of coffee. The horoscope advises you not to get lost, quickly grab the passing bird of luck by the tail, and rush on its wings to the dream. Despite Ms. Fortune's favors, people have to sweat to achieve the desired result. At the top are not those who are strongest, but those that are most determined. Self-doubt can play a cruel joke with the Dogs, forcing them to retreat at first failure and be content with little. Many members of this sign will incorrectly assess the reality, perceiving others as hardened fighting dogs, while themselves as timid lapdogs. Now is the time to prove to yourself that the world that you have sharp teeth, ready to pierce the flesh of the enemy, if he dares to violate the sanctity of borders.

In love, Dogs will need to show themselves as a noble dog breed, not a petty yard mutt. Like any woman, Horses appreciates the breadth and generosity of soul, so in 2014 do not skimp on either the money or the compliments. If you are alone, then the universe will almost certainly give you a meeting with the right person, and your job is not to pass by fate and win the right to happiness. Open and friendly people have chances of reciprocity approach 100%. Those Dogs that have found their destiny are advised by the horoscope to refrain from checking the strength of feelings and just believe in the love partner. I assure that playful flirting with cute neighbours and attractive colleagues will not add strength to your relationship. One fine day, the other half will throw a huge scandal and leave to her mother, so you will be left with a fictional romance and a bundle of raw ravioli in the fridge. However, in 2014, the Dogs will be eating just dumplings and sausages, bread and water - does not matter, because their thoughts will be, busy with their career. In family life, the representatives of this sign will offer households a barter: salary in exchange for peace of mind. You will waste yourself at work day and night and in the evening creep into your three-room hovel, dreaming about a hot shower and a soft bed. You will not have your entire strength to put on domestic affairs, so is useless to force you to do repairs or general cleaning in the next 12 months. In the Year of the Horse, a hamster will sooner learn to bring slippers than a Dog will begin to regularly vacuum or cook at the kitchen. Those close by will have to learn to accept the situation and accept the fact that you now have very different priorities.

If you have been dreaming about your own office and subordinate staff, then it is time to stop dreaming about the professional achievements and finally translate those into dreams onto the plane of reality. Dogs must always be at the forefront, managing shooting their opponents, receiving a medal for bravery, and plundering the enemy transports. Keep in mind that this year's result will dominate the process, that is, the value be on the side of those employees who brought the case to the end, rather than rush around nervously around the office without any visible result. It is possible that in 2013, the Dogs will be in a position of Buridan's ass. You will be offered an unfamiliar area of activity or a new place of employment. However, the old employer will not give up easily and try to keep a valuable employee by increasing the salary or working conditions. In this situation, you have to decide yourself whether you want to go open up new horizons or it is better to stay in old, well-studied waters, but on the rights of the captain, not a cabin boy.

Financially, the Year of the Horse will delight the Dogs with a rich catch more than once. If you have a money tree, then in the next 12 months it will grow to the size of palm trees. Thanks to the profitable investments in real estate and great financial transactions, successful people of this sign will be able to significantly increase their wealth, hiding a gold bone for a rainy day, and even giving something to the family members. The most risk projects have a chance to end in triumph and bring enormous profits, if a God is at the helm. Business sense, killer instinct, and simple luck will help you climb to the top of the financial Olympus.

In 2014, do not take Horse as your example and work yourself until you wear out, because after all you have less power than the temperamental horse, which sets the pace for the race of life. It is not necessary to prove to yourself and to others that you can jump higher and run faster than your colleagues run. Having exhausted itself with continuous racing, one day the Dog will just stumble unexpectedly and break a leg, retiring from permanent damage. While you heal and recover from a nervous breakdown, the less perceptive colleagues will destroy what you have built through joint effort. Keep up with the time and place yourself in such a way that enemies will run away with haste upon hearing notes of dissatisfaction in your voice!

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