Aquarius Horoscope for May 2014

May 2014 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for May 2014

Monthly May 2014 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly May 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

In May 2014, the zodiac sign of Aquarius may expect a multitude of positive moments, but without the constant and detailed participation of the Aquarius himself, these may easily turn out to be not the best of situations. So regardless of the extremely positive attitude of the celestial bodies towards the representatives of this sign, the Aquarius is recommended to behave as actively as possible, while the world surrounding them will react to their every move in a much more dynamic and positive fashion. In regards to the particular planetary combinations, Saturn and Mercury will mostly determine the lives of those born under the Aquarius sign during this month. Saturn, the ruler of the rivers of time, being the planet-ruler of this sign, will currently focus his attention on the area of personal relationships and will not allow any external factors to harm this side of the Aquarius's life. Mercury, being the planet-exalt of the Aquarius, will give the lion's share of his attention onto the area of entrepreneurship, and since due to general combinations his energy will be significantly increased, the waves of his positive emanations will be much stronger in this direction than usually. The Sun, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Aquarius, and Mars, responsible for his "fall", will spread their negativity out evenly, but the "celestial leader" of the Air trigon, the Moon, will screen through most of their active negative energy.

In this way, May 2014 will be a very successful time for the Aquarius in terms of entrepreneurship. Currently, you may have a lot of success, regardless of the maximum opposition from your competitors and foes. However, you should not pay much attention to them; it is much more effective and productive to concentrate directly on the production and work processes. Try to evaluate objectively your current HR policies. It is currently very important to not only keep the good specialists you have, but also to increase their numbers. For that, you must get rid of those that underperform. No matter how bad you would feel for your employees, you must decide eventually what is more effective - the effectiveness of your company or your relationship with subordinates. The Aquarius that do not have their own business are recommended to attain friendly relationships with their management. It is likely that it is possible right now, if your desire will be sincere and lacking any selfish motives, for such a friendship to bring you a lot of benefit. Do not trust that there is no friendship between the boss and the subordinate. This is stupidity, invented by weak and uneducated people.

In terms of personal relationships, serious changes may occur this month, which most likely affect that same aspect that will be active in the sphere of work - friendship. Currently, perhaps, there will be a conflict between your most loyal friends and our lover. You will have to choose once again, since the ultimatum from our lover will not keep you waiting. In terms of this, the stars say that if the person is so silly that they force you to pick between themselves and friendship - should you still keep that person in your life? Nevertheless, only you have the full information, so the final answer is up to you. The important thing is for you not to regret your choice later, so think thrice before making the choice. Have your feelings guide you, the Moon will tell you which ones run deeper. Do not be afraid of hurting someone, life is built in such a way that you cannot please everyone.

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