2014 Horoscope for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Aquarius

Astrology forecast for 2014, the year of the Green Wood Horse. 2014 Horoscope for people born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign.

In 2014 Aquarius may certainly look forward to stars being exceptionally graceful.

You will, however, have to work hard to earn their favor. It is fair, though, isn't it? Moreover, no one will expect you to make any superhuman efforts. It'll simply be enough to stay true to yourself and make well thought-out decisions regardless of circumstances. Mercury and Saturn- Aquarius' traditional patrons- will be very supportive of you. The Sun and Mars will equally distribute their negativity onto your spheres of activity, but right away it should be noted that most of this negativity will dissipate. What's left of it will be enough to give Aquarius some headache, but overall the year of 2014 will surely prove to be lucky and successful. To study this year in greater detail, it makes sense to divide it into three time phases each of which will see its share of the planets' positive and negative influence.

The first time period will logically start in January and end with the summer arrival. This will be the most successful time in all 2014. Aquarius will enjoy good luck given their sincere interest and willingness to work hard. This is how things will stand for Aquarius: in late February you'll be meticulously planning the distribution of your resources, thinking of a business start-up or its expansion, spending quite a few nights over estimates and project documentations - that is working hard on solving the issue. And then, in the midst of spring, when time comes for the plans to come together, your good luck will do most of the work for you. In other words, if you are ready to realize something truly ambitious and longed for, stars will favor you when you least expect it.

This favoritism will save Aquarius valuable time and money. Just don't expect to do half a job and have someone else to finish it for you. Things don't work that way. Firstly, you should be able and willing to finish things on your own. Secondly, you should be determined to personally cross the finish line. Only then stars will certainly be on your side. By the way, it is not only professional field that you'll feel their support in. Your relationships with friends and family will also be as positive as they can be. Old grudges and conflicts will become a thing of the past for good and your significant other will personify all the virtues that you praise the most. Even your health will not fail you, especially if you turn your eyes towards sport, at least a little bit.

Unfortunately, the second time period which will start in June and end in October, will be the complete opposite of the first one. Mars' sudden increased activity will balance out the negative and positive star energy flows which, in its turn, will cause complete energy chaos. Below is the outline of how this might influence Aquarius. Those of you who are employed will be faced with sudden productivity decrease in the controlled production sector. This might be caused by large-scale system failures as well as dismissal of a number of key specialists. It goes without saying, you won't be the one to blame, but it'll be you who will have to pay for it. This outrageous injustice will show you no be mercy. You might be even demoted. On top of that, the situation will be impossible to fix. There's a small chance to prevent the disaster, though.

To do this, starting early in June, you'll have to go through your territory with a fine-tooth comb trying to neutralize even the tiniest potential trouble. Things are going to be a bit easier for those of you who run their own business since all the problems will be a natural result of your own mistakes. At least injustice will be out of the picture. Moreover, during this period of time the likelihood of developing health problems will be quite high. The chronic respiratory conditions and nervous system illnesses might make you the most vulnerable. In addition, the recurrent outbreaks of viral epidemics are to be expected during this time and Aquarians will prove to be more susceptible to them than other Zodiac signs. The only way to shield yourself from all these evil is spare no efforts in strengthening your immune system.

The third time period of 2014 will last from late October till late December. This will be the time for Aquarians to slowly gain their positions back. Things should be back to normal by mid-November already and good luck will be on your side yet another time. Some tension you developed with your family and loved one back in summer-early fall will give way to warm trusting relations. It'll be possible only if you are full of respect yourself. By the way, it is in the end of 2014 that lonely Aquarians will be very likely to meet their second half. It'll be depend on you how successful your union will be. Stars will surely do their best to put you in a spot light to attract that someone special's attention. The important thing is to believe in yourself and stay true to yourself. The rest will come. In addition, when it comes to your health, in the final period of 2014 you will most certainly have nothing to complain about - your sound health will provide for more opportunities and happy moments.

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