Aquarius Horoscope for October 2014

October 2014 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for October 2014

Monthly October 2014 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly October 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

The way October 2014 will pass by for the Aquarius depends mostly on how the circumstances start to come together from the very first days of the month. If during the dawn of the first ten-day period there is an active and bright progress forecasted in work and in love, which means that the representatives of your zodiac constellation just got lucky and all of the potential negativity has passed you by. If, however, in the first three-five days the situation is turning out to be directly opposite to expectations, then everything is indeed bad. This means that the forecasted negativity has displayed its full colors and there will be nowhere to hide. You just have to hold on and try to live through this period with minimal losses. This situation is facing the House of Aquarius due to the tri-combination of Saturn, the Sun, and Mars. Saturn, the planet-ruler of Aquarius, will be shifting from supporting this sign to leaving for the "dark side" and spitting serious negativity. Mars will definitely concentrate his active negative emanations on the work sphere, but here he will face the astral shield of Mercury, the planet-ruler of Aquarius. It is hard to predict the winner in this situation. The Sun, however, will be definitely on the side of the Aquarius for the entire month. While the solar positivity will be significantly weakened due to the powerful negative interstellar combinations, it will be enough to provide the Aquarius with at least some strength for the upcoming battle.

The sphere of entrepreneurship and business will be a real polygon for the Aquarius in October 2014. As mentioned above, Mars and Mercury will face each other in an unpredictable battle. It is quite evident that this will result in instability for your life. So be ready that something will change at your workplace every single day. Either a request from your boss will get cancelled on the next day, or the new equipment will be called back. If you work just for yourself, then try to produce less of any significant changes this month. The more stability you produce - the better. However, you should not turn defense into stagnation. Move forward all the time, just slower. If you work for someone, then do not rush to blame management for everything. Everyone will face an uneasy life stage at this time. Do what you can do, execute your tasks, be a relative initiative-taker. The main thing is not to put your hands down if the first ten-day period will bring you only the bad. This just means that more is required from you than you wish.

Your "celestial leader" - the Black Moon will fix all of the instability of the situation on the love front. The influence of this astral celestial body during the current stage will follow just one plan - if you can quickly and without losses alleviate all conflicts with your close ones, then the Black Moon will bring some new conflicts for you to deal with. If you will not be able to handle the issues, however, then the fleeting ally will come on your side and resolve the problems for you. This behaviour is quiet strange, right? Maybe so, but perhaps, this is how the stars prepare us for something. It is hard to understand planetary energy at times, so do not take everything to heart. It will not be simple, especially in your relationships with your lover, who will suddenly decide that every action on your behalf should fall according to her wishes. Yet this is life - problems and their solutions. You must be able to precisely and timely approach the issues, otherwise the life energy will quickly leave you. Look at October as a training floor of sorts, aimed just at making you better.

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