Aquarius Horoscope for January 2014

January 2014 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for January 2014

Monthly January 2014 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly January 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

Luck will unequivocally and unashamedly follow the zodiacal sign of Aquarius in January 2014. But, unfortunately, this luck will be one-sided and affect only one life sphere of the representatives of this sign. The positions of the celestial bodies in the Solar System in relation to the general stellar combinations have a very interesting result. For example, Mercury, who in his classic position is a planet-exalt of the Aquarius sign; will also perform a role of its celestial leader this month. It is evident that the combination of these factors will result in an unsurpassed active power flow of the positive energy, which, however, will apply only to the work and finances scope. On the other side, Saturn is a planet-ruler of the Aquarius sign, and while he must protect its earthly protege at all costs, in January it will reject this status and take a fundamentally unnatural position, replacing positive influences with negative ones. Mars will join him in this regard, as it was in charge of the "fall" of the sign of Aquarius. It is fortunate that the Sun, due to its overall combinations, will compensate for its own planetary negativity, responsible for the "expulsion" of Aquarius.

As a result, in January 2014, the business sphere will be very successful for the representatives of the sign of Aquarius. You could probably even have some suspicions, and following the clearest trend of our time, you will begin to look for all sorts of pitfalls that could explain this unexpectedly bright period of your life. Yet wasting time on this useless activity is inadvisable. It is better to concentrate on work. Despite the various positive energy, your direct participation in the production process is necessary. You would want unbelievable profit towards the end of the month, right? Of course, you do, and for that, you will have to work hard. This is even more true because the stars have already taken care of your competitors and other factors that may hinder you. However, in terms of lucrative business deals you will discover the real golden Eldorado. Just do not grab all of it at once; hunting two hares at once is known to be hard. However, when there are ten hares, grab five or so. Do not chase the rest or you might lose much more than that.

In relation to "love life", then in the relevant amount of time you will have some difficulty. Mars, reinforced by Saturn, will be able to bring such problems into your life that you have previously only heard of in films or in books. However, if the proverbial "happy ending" is quite acceptable for a Hollywood romantic film, here its presence for you is in serious question. Focus on the family and on your lover. With friends, everything will actually be well. By the way, at this time friends will be your most faithful and reliable allies (as, indeed, they should be). Here it is also worth noting the fact that you are lucky to be able to check the people whom you consider close and faithful companions in a set of precise circumstances. What will actually happen you will only know towards the end of the second ten-day period. Prior to this time, do not hesitate to contact your friends for advice and do not push away a helping hand, even if it is provided out of not the most sincere intentions (though you will learn about it much later). Speaking specifically about your relationship with your lover, try to be as attentive to it as possible, but if you decide that "it's not worth it", then feel free to sever connections...

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