Aquarius Horoscope for March 2014

March 2014 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for March 2014

Monthly March 2014 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly March 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

For the final sign of the Air trigon, the sign of Aquarius, March 2014 may be quite a successful time, especially in the area of business and entrepreneurship. It is interesting that it is this direction that is quite successful for most of the zodiac signs in March. Maybe the reason is the special relationship with Mercury, who is participating in extremely powerful celestial combinations and always as the ally of the human kind. To the Aquarius, Mercury will also provide an unusual amount of its positive energy. There are two reasons for this. First, the aforementioned general stellar position of Mercury. Second, this planet is the exalt of the Aquarius, so even in its classical position it provides this sign with a mass of life energy. This results in quite positive emanations that will come useful like never before. In terms of the love front, then in light that the energy of Saturn (ruler of the Aquarius) and Mars (responsible for the "fall" of this sign) are neutralized by each other, the only thing remaining is the direct influence of the Sun, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Aquarius sign.

As a result, March 2014 will grant the Aquarius sign many positive moments in the sphere of business. It is now that you should think about how to form the most effective foundation for future growth of your company. Even if you do not work for yourself, you have great chances to prove to others (and most of all to the management) that you are capable of more and deserve more. Just know your limits and accurately assign yourself the goal towards which you will head. Your colleagues will be your faithful allies, and your abilities will be your main argument in the fight for a better future. Perfect yourself and the world surrounding you, do not stop for a moment, sleep for four hours per day, it is worth it this time. Of course you should also take care of yourself, so do not forget occasionally to read something other than technical documentation and professional literature. Do not forget about meetings with friends and other ways to relax, except of course alcohol or even more importantly drugs. A clear mind is the foundation of victory in any situation, while a clear spirit is a universal weapon in any fight. You have potential to better your positions. The stars are fully on your side. So what are you waiting for?

In terms of personal relationships, however, everything will be a bit more complicated in light of the quite powerful flows of solar negativity. Nevertheless, they will not be strong enough to bring serious problems into your life. Do no start worrying if in the beginning of the month your friends will do something that you will extremely dislike. Time will pass and you will remember this with tears of sincere laughter. It is better to pay attention to your lover and on her relationships with those closest to you. Currently there might be some uneasy situations in this direction. Just before you try to get into the conflict (which you must certainly do, ignoring it will cost all of you), it is important to analyze all sides. Feel yourself as a judge of sorts, who just has to be objective. Perhaps it will not be easy, but by the dawn of the second ten-day period, you will be capable of solving all of the everyday problems in front of you. After that, your success will be occasional, but generally stable enough, especially if you will not waste time, but decide to take an active stance in the fates of your close ones.

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