2014 Horoscope for Rat Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Rat

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rat, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

If you were born under the sign of the Rat, then be prepared for mutual taunts and misunderstandings with the 2014 master - the Wooden Green Horse. The face that your attitudes and outlooks are so different, cannot avoid manifesting itself in a number of confusing events and minor hassles. The patroness is related in spirit to chivalry horses that are ready to ride day and night for the glory, jumping over the ravines and overcoming the rivers. High ideals, ambition and admiration of others - that is what drive the Horse forward. In contrast to her, the Rat prefers stability, a cozy mink and bins full of grain. The Rat will not gallop to the sound of a bugle to the fine, but yet unexplored lands, judiciously noting, "There is no place like home". You do not understand how you can spend a lot of time and effort, and in return receive a praise and a tin cup. The grey materialistic viewpoint is indifferent to the laurels of glory, but prefers to see material results such as a salary increase or a bonus. However, since the 2014 parade will be under the command of the temperamental Horse, the Rats need to prepare for the unexpected turns of fate and sharp jumps in life. The events will begin to be reminiscent of a restive horse standing on its hind legs, that either wants to lose the hapless rider to the ground, or stomp him with its hooves, or rush forward with the speed of wind, leaving competitors to swallow the dust. Do not scold the eastern horoscope and do not drink liters of anti-stress medicine, because the frantic pace of life given by the Green Horse has its advantages. In this year, you will do a lot, and if you will have the right tactic of behaviour, then you will receive a lot as well. The Rats unable to internally adjust to the speed of the race, will eventually acquire health problems. Do not worry about every little thing, every comment, every unkind look, because your body reacts to the state of mind. Depression, insecurity, and discontent with the outside world can weaken the Rats, turning them into a piggy bank of diseases and ailments. If you do not want to shy away from sneezing passers-by like the devil from holy water, and lie in bed all day due to only high temperature, then begin to develop some cold-blooded restraint.

The natural caution of Rats will not let them make rash actions, the sin of other horoscope signs. In terms of love, this will result in that you will have few romantic experiences in 2014, but each one will have all chances to become a marriage. If there is no suitable person near you, then the grey materialistic mindset will prefer to be alone rather than spend its time and strength on pale parodies of relationships. It cannot be bribed by insincere compliments, because Rats instinctively and accurately detect a fake. Once you feel the tiniest whiff of danger, then you immediately move back, turning from a direct participant of the events into an outside observer. The grey predator does not rush to poisonous bait, but rather provide an opportunity for others to be poisoned. That is why you avoid heart-rending novels and heavy relationships. Since sentimental ideals are overall alien to the Rat, in 2014, it has great chances to meet the man that will offer the Rat his hand, heart, and a credit card, getting rid of all of Rat's financial problems.

Rats living in families will resist the influence of the Horse while surrounded by loved ones. You will seemingly turn into connected vessels: the joys and sorrows will be distributed equally among all members of the family. You will not be allowed to carry a heavy burden alone; you will be certainly helped, caressed, and warmed. Try to answer the people who love you with the same care and affection. Remember that the only thing that can undermine your well-being is jealousy. Do not control every step of your second half and show her more trust. In the year of the Green Wooden Horse, stick to a reasonable balance between generosity and economy, without squandering nor avarice. Try to invest your earnings into the family castle, because the Rat that fails to provide for the household will feel miserable and unhappy. Do not forget to set aside a certain amount each month into a private insurance fund, and you will begin to face the future knowing that in a rainy day you will not be left without a livelihood.

At work, there will be no rain of gratuitous grains falling upon the Rats, so be prepared to work hard. Representatives of this sign in 2014 will not be giving in to the tempting offers of the Green Horse for adventures, and will remain faithful to the tactics of caution and forethought. The concept of "risk" is missing in the business dictionary of the Rat, so it makes a deal only if it is sure of the profitability of the enterprise. This personal quality helps it leave the sinking ship in time and survive in all of life's storms. While other people are jumping into adventures and glory, the Rat is hard at work, gaining experience and credibility. Perhaps you cannot expect an immediate bonus from the universe, but in the future, your efforts are bound to be appreciated by the director and others. Do not be afraid to take on new tasks and explore unfamiliar areas, because the horoscope promises success for beginners. Do not lose your head, even during the most savage races, and then 2014 will be so successful that even the Green Horse will turn green with envy.

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