Aries Horoscope for February 2014

February 2014 Horoscope Aries

Monthly Horoscope for Aries for February 2014

Monthly February 2014 Horoscope for Aries
Monthly February 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aries

February 2014 will be an uneasy time for the zodiac sign of Aries, unlike the previous month. This will mostly be the fault of the dominating general celestial combinations, not the "personal" affections of any celestial bodies in the Solar System. However, of course even among the home planets you will find such that will follow just one goal at this time - to harm the representatives of Aries. The first among such planets will be the Moon, which in its classical position is the planet-exalt of the Aries sign (in fact, it is from the Moon that the Aries gather most of their strength). However, in February some general combinations will align in such a way that the Moon will be unable to fulfill its duties towards the Aries, that specifically for Aries will been a loss in the energy shield on all fronts. Venus will certainly take advantage of this fact, being responsible for the "expulsion" of the Aries sign. With that, the celestial priestess will focus its negativity onto the sphere of love relationships. However, Mars will resist her, being the planet-ruler of Aries and significantly strengthened by the aforementioned general combinations. It should be noted that Saturn, responsible for the "fall" of the Aries sign, will compensate for its own negativity in large due to its generally positive position.

As a result, the scope of business in February 2014, will not be the easiest of life's directions for the Aries. The fact that the negative sentiments of the celestial bodies will mostly concentrate on the other areas, does not mean that business and finances will be stable for the Aries. It is because of the Moon that the energy barriers of this sign will be significantly weakened, which means that even Saturn, the energy of which will most likely be looped, can casually bring a couple of not that small conflicts into your life. Therefore, it is recommended that this month you have a heightened level of attention and concentration. Especially focus yourself on the technological aspect of your work. Precisely technology will begin to fail you and an appearance of one problem will most likely have a domino effect that you will hardly be able to stop. That means that the problem must be resolved at the stage of its birth. So do not be lazy to personally oversee all of the production stages.

In regards to the love front, everything will fall into place much more dynamically and with that much more dramatically. Unfortunately, but the weakening of the general energy barrier will most likely play to the hand of Venus, and so despite the additional protection from Mars, it is quite likely that you will have a multitude of problems this month. The lion share of these problems will most likely fall upon your family hearth. Luckily, your friends (your real friends) will be fully on your side, and their help will be certainly indispensable. With that, do not even hope that everything will pass by itself and that others will fix everything for you. On the contrary, only your own personal agility and active fighting with unfairness will allow you to stand against the arising problems. Be diplomatic, but persistent; try to be effective and concise when proving your opponents wrong. Do not allow ambiguities, as the clarity of thought and the clarity of speech are your main allies this month that you should not neglect.

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