Aries Horoscope for October 2014

October 2014 Horoscope Aries

Monthly Horoscope for Aries for October 2014

Monthly October 2014 Horoscope for Aries
Monthly October 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aries

Aries, the ruling zodiac House of the celestial band, will meet many fears face-to-face in October 2014, however, not all will be defeated. Sadly, but there is a high chance that circumstances will overpower the Aries, as a result of which the latter will have to give up some positions. This statement, however, may not be an unyielding truth when the Aries has such a strong ally as the Moon. In its usual position the Moon is the planet-exalt of the Aries, however, during the current period it will be significantly fortified by the additional energetic flows of general combinations, as a result of which the Aries should feel no lack of life energy. In addition, Venus - responsible for the "expulsion" of Aries, will not be able to realize two-thirds of her negative potential. Although here we should also mention an unpleasant factor as well: Mars, the planet-ruler of the House of Aries, will also not be able to apply his active creative energy onto the Earth plane. The result is obvious: two planets that are the key players of the Aries's life, will be practically neutral in October. Saturn, however, responsible for the "fall" of this House, will be significantly strengthened and will bring a lot of problems to those born under this sign.

In terms of entrepreneurship and business, October 2014 may become a good time for the Aries, though you should not expect really favourable circumstances. If you want to accomplish something, you will have to sweat for it with no alternatives. Saturn will present you with many complicated situations, each one of which will be considerably different from the others. This means that along with attentiveness, in October you will need to effectively make non-standard decisions. Currently the most unexpected events will play into your competitors' hands. If you work for yourself, then you can expect serious problems with the mechanics of production. The complication of the situation is that you will not be able to prepare yourself for the upcoming negativity, as you will not know its type and what it will be directed at. However, you can prepare for it mentally. Do not forget that your main weapon is intellect and it can also be perfected. Learn poems, no matter how stupid it sounds. Developing memory is the key to crafting a perfect analytical cognition. It is this side that will be needed during this period.

The "love front" will not surprise you with anything special in October. Despite the very "average" relationship with your lover, you are unlikely to break up. The reason may dwell much deeper than you realize. Saturn works against you; since he is the ruler of time, that means that the lion's share of your problems are connected with your past. If you consider this statement, you will be able to detect your most vulnerable sides through very trivial logical deductions. It is preferred that you do that before October 8 (Full Moon). Otherwise, it will be of no consequence to you, since it is from the dawn of the first ten-day period that the avalanche of issues will befall you. So hurry up and you will be successful. In relationships with your close ones and friends try to contain your aggression, which will constantly follow you from your problems at work. Much more depends on you than you think, so when moving forward - do not allow yourself to doubt yourself.

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