2014 Horoscope for Monkey Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Monkey

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Monkey, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

If you were born in the Year of the Monkey, then you probably got used to the laughter and good humour that prevail around you. People of this sign are masters of disguise who cannot stand boredom and monotony. The Horse is not the best companion for you, because she does not appreciate the extravaganza of images and the quick change of masks that you love. These two signs speak different languages, their attempts to understand each other go in vain. When the Horse asks, - "What time is it" - the Monkey responds and both keep their own opinions. The postulates of 2014 - honesty, hard work and dedication make the Monkey laugh, seeming trite. It is not important as in which direction you are going, and even not the speed itself, but rather how vivid and memorable is the procession. Prepare that the celebration of life for the next 12 months will have to be arranged on your own. The horoscope recommends the Monkeys not to go too far with the jokes and the antics, because by masking serious feelings by frivolous behaviour, you run the risk of alienating the people dear to your heart. Do not be afraid to show your loved ones how much you need them and how much they mean to you. In 2014, try to be a positive character: do not drink much alcohol, do not eat pounds of fat in chocolate, and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Otherwise, the Monkeys will bid farewell to their health and give into problems with the body and nervous breakdowns. If you think that love is reserved not just for mom, the car and home then pay attention to your own body, and in the following months, it will please you with equine health.

On the love front, the Monkey will feel like a winner. Due to the natural ability to exude a wave of positive emotions and good mood, the representatives of this sign will become that bright twinkle in the night, on which butterflies lock. On the life auction, you will be one of the most expensive lots, because a huge number of fans and admirers will try to possess you. The variety of choice will produce many light, short romances, which will be nice to remember later. However, it is unlikely that the Monkey's heartstrings will be touched by any of the partners. Even if the Monkey believes that she has finally found her second half in this world, she is unlikely to legitimize the relationship. This is because the Year of the Horse is not conducive to any rapid enrichment or a swift career rise. You want to offer tour beloved a huge castle and rich treasure, not McDonald's snacks and a dilapidated rented apartment. If there is no possibility to create these impressing circumstances in the near future, then the marriage proposal can wait.

Family people in 2014 should provide the same activity and vigor at home, as they do at work. Even if you jumped around palm trees all day, collecting bananas for the employer, you cannot once you return home just fall to the nearest vine and turn away from the household. Indifference and neglect of domestic issues may alienate those near and dear from the apes. Do not lock in within yourself, because the human soul is not a plant with waste-free production, and if inside you is resentment and negativity, they will obviously not turn into bright happiness and joy. Feel free to share emerging problems with family members, because it is love, understanding, and involvement of relatives that will help you stay strong and confident. The Year of the Horse will teach Monkeys to work as a team. Remember that the secret to your success lies in the feelings of the surrounding people, whom you know how to masterfully charm and conquer. If a representative of this sign will become a hermit in 2014, cutting himself or herself off from the outside world, then it is unlikely that in December 31st you will be able to boast of major achievements. Always be in the idle of things, scanning the area for the presence of people who can help you climb up the corporate ladder. Those Monkeys that are accustomed to receiving only ripe bananas from life will most likely be disappointed with the results of the year of the Green Horse. The mistress of this period will occasionally throw you a slimy skin, an unripe fruit, and even a coconut on the head at times. Do not expect too much from the celestial patrons, because a person cannot come out on top in all fights. We are not kids anymore, so do not capriciously demand chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, refusing unloved soups and porridges. Adults understand that life has its good moments but there are some unpleasant duties. Sometimes the work will seem boring and routine, and at times backbreaking hard, and sometimes a just reward will float by and away under your nose straight into the hands of more nimble colleagues. Gather yourself together and with optimism that is inherent to your sign, keep moving on forward.

Throughout the year 2014, remember that yogurt and alcohol can be light, but not money. Money is made in good faith, hard work, and therefore do not like to be thrown in the wind. If you cannot figure out where your salary leaks to, you should think about planning costs, especially focusing on your spontaneous acquisitions. Those small purchases erode our budget without bringing much benefit or pleasure. The horoscope prohibits Monkeys to get involved in financial gambles, if they do not want to become a victim of bloodthirsty predators that will rip off the simpleton. In 2014, slightly lower our bar of expectations, and try to see the golden grains of happiness in the gray sand of everyday life!

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