2014 Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Sagittarius

Astrology forecast for 2014, the year of the Green Wood Horse. 2014 Horoscope for people born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

In 2014 the solar system celestial objects will be so favorable to Sagittarius that it'll be considered a crime for you not to fulfill your ambitions.

Jupiter and Venus' combined energy will have a many-sided and purposefully-positive influence on all sides of life. The only slight exception will be your health. At the same time, you should remember that the above-mentioned factors do not guarantee you a perfect luck in everything. It goes without saying that stars will lend you their assistance should you choose to act reasonably, show skills and be perseverant. In addition, this assistance will be so extensive that Sagittarius will instantly recognize the support from above and gain even more confidence. At the same time, some planets like Mercury, for example, will be interested in somewhat different scenario. It's obvious that your patron planets are not going to be able to fully shield you from the star negativity, but it might be quite possible to nullify the forecasted damage. To do this, it might be enough to know some nuances which will be informally grouped into three time phases.

The first phase will start in January and end in mid-March. During this time, Sagittarius is recommended to stay away from any large-scale moves even though you might feel like it and could afford it, too. It doesn't seem smart, however, to go into battle so early on. You might benefit from playing a waiting game since later on, when Jupiter and Venus' influence is felt the most, the same efforts might yield a much greater result. Patience is the key. You should work on a strategy, develop connections, pull your resources together, and make some minor moves, but don't even think of bursting forward with everything you've got.

By the way, the same strategy might be a game-winner in personal relationships, too. Things are going to be simply marvelous with Sagittarius' finances and health. Thus, if you are single, you'll find yourself extremely popular with the opposite gender. This situation will have reached its climax by the end of spring, though. Some will take advantage of it, others might simply ignore it and focus on other priorities, but some will try to find their significant other in the whirlwind of ever changing faces. Stars wouldn't mind either of the three. The main thing is not to rush, though; moderation and patience are of the utmost importance now.

The second time phase will follow the beginning of spring and last all summer long (i.e. mid-March - end of August). This period of 2014 for Sagittarius will prove to be both the longest and the most successful. This will be the time to improve and dramatically increase the production capacity. Success is possible without any groundwork, though, and some of you with sharp mind and shrewd perception will manage to quickly navigate your way towards your dearest goals in midst of spring already. Any undertaking will be most effective, though, if elaborated early in the year. Then all you will have to do is follow the plan and make some timely adjustments to it as you go. At some point your competition will become more active and you'll have to do something about it right away. Just don't panic, the solution will reveal itself. Moreover, the outcome will be so epic that your opponents would want to stop annoying you once and for all.

Things should be wonderful between you and your loved ones. Old arguments will be handled and inveterate conflicts will be quickly solved given Sagittarius' active participation. You should only remember to be genuinely involved and do everything possible to make your loved ones' life easier. Then you'll have an absolute chance for success no matter what. When it comes to your relations with your other half, stars recommend you follow your heart. If you feel your significant other is not quite logical and objective in their actions, you should tell them about it. Be direct and leave no room for doubt. Any outcome should be considered strictly positively. As a result, by the end of August you will have been able to take key positions provided you followed the above-mentioned advice. Just don't stop half-way - continue on!

Fall of 2014 will be the time of relative calm which will serve Sagittarius well, nonetheless. It will be important not to overinvest; otherwise a financial crisis might be just around the corner. You should invest wisely after checking and rechecking all possible options. Such caution will guarantee you not only additional income, but promising perspectives, too. All this before winter is here! Warmth and respect within your family circles will complete full harmony for you. But, unfortunately, your health might give in closer to the end of the year. You might catch some colds as soon as September and if not treated properly, they might become chronic. Injuries might be more likely to happen at the end of fall, so being extremely careful should be your main virtue now. By early December it is recommended that you have decided not to embark on anything too intellectual. In other words, it is better to keep your mind relaxed all the way till the end of the year; otherwise you might work yourself up towards some serious stress. It's recommended that you relax and partake in business only to the extent required by the circumstances.

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