Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2014

April 2014 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for April 2014

Monthly April 2014 Horoscope for Sagittarius
Monthly April 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius must be prepared for an avalanche of problems and conflicts of various directions and size. Sadly, but the current combinations of the celestial bodies are exclusively negative for this sign this month. For example, Venus, which is a planet-exalt responsible for the life energy of the Sagittarius will change its traditional regard to this sign and instead of unending flows of life energy, it will provide waves of powerful negativity. The result is obvious; in fact, problems will affect not just the field in which the celestial priestess "specializes". The situation will be similar with Mercury, that even in its classical position is responsible for the "expulsion" of the Sagittarius and thus does not have a great attitude towards this sign. In April, the general combinations in which it will be participating will strengthen the ruler of trade, thus his negativity will increase tenfold. The combined power of these two planets will be unmerciful and powerful. If you consider that the Sagittarius will lost its "celestial leader" this month, then only Jupiter remains on its side, though it is significantly weakened by the energy crisis.

In this way, the area of business and entrepreneurship will not be the greatest area of the Sagittarius's life in April 2014. Cancel all business meetings and agreement signings starting from the beginning of the month. Try your best to put off these events until next month, otherwise you risk getting yourself into serious situations, getting out of which will be far more complicated than preventing them right now. Of course, it is not going to be easy. In addition, your colleagues will see it as their sacred duty to annoy you constantly with useless suggestions about this or that aspect of your production. It is important to be both tactical and polite, but with that persistent. You must not let others interfere with your work; otherwise, you will get many more problems. Speaking of problems, the difficulties will be primarily associated with the amount of technical issues, most of which you might not be able to solve on your own. The way you will solve this situation is up to you, but remember that each action has far going consequences.

In terms of the love front, the stars recommend that instead of focusing on maximum activity with a constant state of maximum attentiveness, you try to hide and generally try to indicate your presence as rarely as possible. Due to the certain strength of the negativity of Venus this month, you will not be able to handle most of your problems and that is a fact. So be prepared to be stressed both in the family circle and in the circle of friends. There is one positive aspect to the given situation. If you do everything right and will not try too hard to resolve the problem, then you might be able to save up a lot of life energy that will be of great help next month. Do not worry about the problems at hand, in the Last Lunar Quarter (April 22nd) they will slowly fade away and dissipate towards the end of the third ten-day period. Everything will return to normal. It would be logical to regard this month as a sort of test that you just have to go through without paying too much attention to it and not worrying too much.

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