Sagittarius Horoscope for December 2014

December 2014 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for December 2014

Monthly December 2014 Horoscope for Sagittarius
Monthly December 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is a strong zodiac House, in which the energy of the Fire element slowly and cautiously moves to its starting point. In December 2014 the Fire trigon will be left without a "celestial leader", so the Sagittarius has nothing to think about in terms of additional celestial protection. This is exactly what he needs, since the forecast for the current time period will be based on just one combination - the "small triangle". The "small triangle" is a combination of three planets that have a direct influence on the given zodiac constellation, excluding any other external influence from happening. Venus, the planet-exalt of the House of Sagittarius, reinforced due to some interstellar combinations, will take upon a role of the main architect of fates in this sign. This means that all spheres of life and the love front in particular will be in good hands. At the same time, Mercury - responsible for the "expulsion" of the Sagittarius, will also have additional energy inflows, so his destructive emanations will be unusually strong. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, will provide a powerful energy shield at an expense of his positive influence that will fully protect against the energy of Mercury. In the end, the life of Sagittarius will be fully under just the influence of Venus. This is of course a positive factor with its own nuances.

In terms of the work direction, December 2014 will seem quite odd to the Sagittarius. First, the positive emanations of Venus in themselves will mean that your relationships with colleagues and management will only get significantly better. You may become close buddies even with those people who have hated and despised you for years. You must try for this, of course, but such an outcome is very possible. This month you will have a good chance to create new acquaintances that you could not have even dreamed of before. Do consider that your charm only works on the opposite sex. The energy of the representatives of your own sex may suddenly shift into aggression under a certain set of circumstances (your blatant superiority or dominance in a particular social group). You should be careful working with such things, as the consequences of your current actions may be very large-scale. In the end, December will be a productive month. That will be mostly due to your diplomatic talent.

The sphere of personal relationships will end up being a slightly more stable direction. At a minimum, you will not have to calculate your every move. In the circle of family and friends, everyone will love you regardless of which sex they belong to. You should not use this for your own selfish fain, especially when we are talking about your lover. Committing an act for the sake of someone else, however, is a great use of the opportunities you have. Do not hope for gratitude and do not ask for it, you will receive it either way. You will even get surprised! This will help you restore your lost belief in the surrounding world. It is likely that some creative callings will arise, especially for those that have had previous inclinations towards art. If you are entering December in proud loneliness, then the second half of the third ten-day period may grant you something pleasant and sudden. Just do not scare your dream away, be yourself and give off only warmth to those around you. The more positive emotions you will sow, the more good you will reap. Just do not forget about fairness, since it is true that everyone gets what they deserve.

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Comments: December 2014 Horoscope Sagittarius

viv 2015-01-12 14:32:43
👍 +2 👎
My Gf moved on with some other guy in december end saddd
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Jigs 2015-06-17 22:24:49
👍 +1 👎
Aap chutiye the
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Amanda 2014-12-22 23:36:24
👍 -3 👎
Some thing pleasant and sudden. Well this happened. I currently ran into an ex boyfriend like 3 days ago and bang its like we never broke up!! X
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
siva 2014-12-18 11:40:55
👍 +4 👎
Love love love here too crap it sucksss
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
city girl 2014-12-14 22:23:03
👍 +3 👎
Oh if I only understood this, I just need a job, please god i just need a jobs
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Beauty girl 2014-12-03 17:05:20
👍 +5 👎
Something pleasant and sudden? I hope that they may refer to a new relationship. And i am very proud of my a very independent it would be nice if that could change for once.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
SAM 2014-12-12 09:24:04
👍 +3 👎
loneliness is not meant for saggis...never good to be lonely ....a perfect saggi doesn't deserve dis.....
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
raj 2014-11-26 04:30:05
👍 +5 👎
oh my luv lyf was in complete mess.... ds sounds relaxing now! i m now confident enof dat i vl get bak my love... thnk u god fr sending venus... js waitin fr decembr 2 strt
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