Sagittarius Horoscope for August 2014

August 2014 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for August 2014

Monthly August 2014 Horoscope for Sagittarius
Monthly August 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

In August 2014, the Sagittarius House will be able to survive thanks to only his celestial patron - Venus. However, undoubtedly, due to the uniquely powerful astral negativity of the current period, the Sagittarius will experience some difficulties like many other zodiac Houses. However, this House will stand out from the pack by having one of the most powerful allies. Venus will undoubtedly be less powerful then the Sun (those signs who continue to have the support of the celestial king are truly lucky). However, the priestess of love, one that is the planet-exalt of the Sagittarius House, meaning the one responsible for the flowering of the sign's life forces, will play the role of the "celestial leader" of the Fire trigon, giving her unarguable benefits. The active inherent energy of the Sagittarius will undoubtedly come in conjunction with not much less of an active energy of Venus, and as a result, one single informational-energetic flow will activate the hidden potential of the representatives of this sign. You should not be surprised if someone's intuition will reach such a level that a person will guess the plate number of a passing car!

However, it is likely that not everything be so simple. In August 2014, the area of entrepreneurship and business will provide the Sagittarius with enough ability to utilize a maximum of his abilities, not as much of professional ones, as those very different ones based on a thinner feeling of reality. If you have never previously noticed your ability to foretell events (I mean clairvoyance, not calculation), then you will definitely have to learn to do so in August. You will also have to abandon your negative habits. Apart from all jokes, the stars are absolutely serious in this sense: no nicotine or alcohol in August, as these are the keys to the instant failure of all your hopes. If you are not a subject to these deadly habits, then your sharpened senses will allow you to avoid any negativity. However, even if you "tinkle" with the forbidden fruits just very occasionally, then you should change your approach to these issues as soon as possible. If you will not listen and will not take a healthy lifestyle as the basis of your existence, then towards the end of the second ten-day period, you will regret it.

Practically any recommendation about your personal health is highly applicable to your love front. However, you will have to work in two directions here - not only will you be required to reject the negative elements of your environment, but the stars also persist on you leading your friends and relatives by your example. Depending on how successful your propaganda will be, the success of your personal relationships will be determined. No kinds of excuses about no one listening to you will have an instance of meaning in this sense. You are not accountable to anyone; you are just making a choice. The stars do not require explanations; they know everything better than you do anyways. They especially know that with a certain level of desire, a person will be able to reach any height imaginable. Perhaps, strong motivation is required sometimes, but those who cannot motivate themselves for great things, are doomed to irrelevant existence and inglorious death. You are the one with the decision. You will have enough strength in August, no matter of the complicated problems plaguing this life period. However, complications are an inseparable part of our life. If you have such a strong ally behind your back as Venus, then you should not complain. So collect yourself, focus, and move towards the stated goal.

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Betty 2014-08-26 18:34:01
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Uncanny. The part about cigarettes blows me away.
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sas 2014-08-09 05:37:08
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Spot on
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siya 2014-08-03 11:14:23
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i think that it is real....!!!
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AAMIR 2014-08-02 14:13:04
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yes but GOD KNOWS WHAT TO DO 4 me goes wrong the altemate power is GOD
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