2014 Horoscope for Pig Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Pig

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Pig, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

The year 2014 of the Green Wooden Horse will stand out as quite successful for the Pigs. The representatives of this sign have the qualities that are so valued by the host of this period. You are truthful, purposeful, and faithful to those you love. However, unlike the longhaired idealist, the Pig knows how to dream about everyday matters and stand firmly with all four hooves on the ground, not allowing itself to be enthralled by fantasies into an uncharted land. The hypothetical benefits and likely success will not interest you, you trust only the amounts in the bank account, and any agreement is preferred on paper, signed and stamped by two. Natural caution and healthy skepticism will help the Pig get some fat and not become a sausage.

The horoscope warns that in the next 12 months you will have to run after the frisky Horse. It will not be easy, after all, the 2014 patroness will have a hot temper and quick feel, but what can you do if all the opportunities are on her back. Pigs that do not want their share to go to more nimble competitors, must keep pace with the rapidly changing outside world. Do not get nervous if the prices of partners will start to jump like the Australian kangaroo, and customers will amaze with the irrationality and absurdity of their claims. It would seem that the buyer wanted green tiles just now, in a minute he said that he had come for the blue tires, and in another 10 seconds, he confidentially whispers that his wife sent him to get a red mat for the bathroom. Do not curse fickle people, and focus primarily on the result. If, at the end, you have sold your goods and made a profit, then everything is fine and the goal is achieved.

The year 2014 is great for creative professionals who invest in their work not only time, but also their soul. If you can find your calling in the routine affairs, you will be much more successful than those colleagues that come to the office exclusively for the money. In the Year of the Green Horse, the difference between a person who puts bricks and a person who is building a temple will be especially noticeable. People that have dared to change their line of work are more likely to capture the jackpot in the lottery of life. The universe will help Pigs find a place where their skills and talents will be in most demand. However, in order to gain credibility in the new team, representatives of this sign will need to demonstrate commitment and a willingness to fight to the last. Sometimes, you will feel that you fell out of a speeding train, and while the lives of other people are boiling, bubbling, and winning under the horn of the engine, you are sitting at the railroad trucks, with anguish watching the cars passing by. However, this is a wrong idea of the current events, as Pigs, like all others, are moving forward - it is just that Lady Luck awaits them at the end. Be patient and optimistic, and then you will reach the destination with no casualties or losses.

In your family life, everything will continue to be peaceful and idyllic. The universe seemingly decided to reward the Pigs for good behaviour: friends will be faithful, business partners reliable, and health - hero-worthy. In your home, reigns an atmosphere of comfort and well-being, and a casual guest will always find a cup of tea and cookies. The Pigs through major events of personal nature will remember the year 2014: happy marriage or the birth of a child. Relatives will be advanced to the forefront of priorities, and your experience will be primarily associated with them. In order for close peoples to not know need, the Pig is ready to work for 12 hours a day, and even take work home. The horoscope warns that some people with the desire to provide for a family may acquire Elijah's Syndrome, in which the candy in a vase is constantly counted and the morning sausage is measured with a ruler. Fear of a rainy day may cause you to budget yourself and your family members in everything, as an opportunity to put an extra dollar in the treasure will eclipse all arguments of reason. Pigs need to realize that there is only one life, and it should not be lived half-hungry and in rags. Do not let money take over the brain, or greed will drive love, kindness, and common sense to a faraway dark corner of the soul.

For the lonely Pigs, the Green Horse promises a crucial meeting in 2014. There is only one small point: catch up with the four-footed patroness and remind her of this promise. People, who prefer to lie down all day under the warm sun, warming their sides, will continue to be alone by December 31st. The coming period loves energetic, self-motivated and enterprising individuals, so you will need to replenish their ranks or to accept the absence of a loved one in your life. Pigs cannot be immerse in thoughts about their own imperfections, or possible failure, otherwise they will continue shyly standing near the object of adoration, until he will be taken away by a more nimble competitor. You are like a man who is suffering from thirst, but has not acted upon entering a store and buying a bottle of water for fear of high prices of a coarse seller. Train yourself to think that for one simple question no one will let you become sausage. If your affection will choose to refuse, then at least you will no longer entertain the false hope and move on searching for Destiny further elsewhere. Resilient, determined Pigs will in the end definitely meet a person who wants to give them the world and the neighboring galaxy too, just to thank them for the love shining in your eyes. In 2014, be confident in yourself, and then the Green Horse will surely turn your life into a chain of pleasant events and happy coincidences!

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If I ever had the chance to turn the time back into 2014, I would've gone to E3 as much as I enjoy playing video games myself to begin with and so on for the rest of this decade!! 🙂

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