2014 Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Pisces

Astrology forecast for 2014, the year of the Green Wood Horse. 2014 Horoscope for people born under the Pisces Zodiac sign.

For Pisces the year of 2014 is not going to be the most successful time in their life since the solar system celestial bodies will reserve their favours for somebody else.

At the same time the negative influence will equally be weak. In other words, Pisces will have numerous opportunities to change their life even though they will hardly be able to successfully resist the misfortune. Celestial army will consist of favorable Venus and less favorable Jupiter. Mercury will be the only planet with obvious negative intentions. Thus, all 2014 long, your relations with friends and family will be quite warm and positive, especially if you pay attention to what the stars might have in store for you. The same will be true about Pisces' relationship with their significant other. Venus will be much more supportive of you than of anyone else during this period; that's why even the most probable negative situations might be easily nullified. To study the probability of events to a greater extent and with more detail, it is necessary to divide 2014 into five time phases each of which will be unique and informative of better ways to interact with the environment.

The first phase will start in January and end in mid-March (at the end of the first quarter, to be precise). During this time you'll be facing some serious problems at work. Those who are employed might have their relations with the management escalated to a point of demotion or even dismissal. If you don't want to lose your job, you'll simply have to wait things out and be patient since your boss's behaviour will be completely unacceptable. It might have some explanation to it, but it will most certainly have nothing to do with work or your own actions. You might try to stand your ground and prove your point of view, but it will hardly be possible since there will also be a lot of tension between you and your colleagues. No one will show you any support and your management response might be even more discouraging. That's why you'd better stay quiet, nod your head with an important air and observe. The information you might receive might come very handy in the future (who knows what information a person might give out when infuriated). It'll come handy only if you know how to use it wisely. When it comes to your personal life, 2014 will start off on a right foot -no conflicts worth worrying about, just a healthy dose of moderate quarrels. The same will be true about your health - a running nose might be in your future, nothing more than that.

The second phase will start in mid-March and last till late May. During this time things at work will get a bit better, still way too far from being ideal. At least your management's attitude towards you will become neutral. If you are self-employed, the previous and current time phases will not stand out too much. Things will not be perfect, but bankruptcy is certainly not in your future, either. That's why Pisces-entrepreneurs should just keep doing their business without giving too much thought to what's going around. It doesn't mean you should completely submerge yourself into work and pay no attention whatsoever to anything around you. Being careful and observant should always be your priority; just stay focused and don't waste your energy. As far as your love life goes, your relationship might come to a natural conclusion if this was just a fleeting affair. You will say good-bye to each other in a calm and peaceful manner. If your feelings are confidently strong, this will likely be a good time for both of you full of happy moments and small pleasures. Good thing your health is not going to fail you in the first half of the year.

The third time phase will last from June till September 2014. This will probably be the most negative period in the whole year. Your work and health will be affected by all the negativity, but not your personal life. It goes without saying this is a huge plus since due to the seasonal peculiarities it will allow you to step away from problem areas and combine business with pleasure. In other words, a possible trip with your significant other to a health resort and spa might do your somewhat failing health a lot of good; on the other hand, it might help you avoid potential problems at work. On top of that, let's not forget all the positive things that are forecasted for your personal relationships. The overall picture does look quite promising, even though those of you who work for somebody else will have to make a lot of effort to have their vacation approved in this time.

The fourth time period will be the shortest and last one month only - the month of October. This will be the only phase when troubles in your personal life will come to replace the problems at work. Something significant might happen early in the month which will change the destiny of your relationship with your other half. It is simply impossible to foresee what exactly might happen, but it is possible to be ready for it. Being warned is being armed, isn't it? Fortunately, things at work will be on sure track towards balance and harmony.

The fifth time phase will comprise the last two months of the year - November and December. During this time your life will be on the right track to harmony. It goes without saying you'll have to wholeheartedly fight the obstacles for the right to be happy. The year of 2014 most certainly won't be a piece of pie for Pisces, but those of you with strong spirit and self-confidence will gracefully carry through the year.

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