2014 Love Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2014 Love Horoscope Pisces

Pisces Love Horoscope 2014 for the year of the Green Wood Horse

The year of 2014 will prove to be extremely lucky for Pisces. In the very beginning of the 2014 year already Venus' grace will bestow the absolute harmony onto the relations between you and your significant other. Those of Pisces who are single will have the strongest chances to meet your other half during this time. The heavenly Goddess of Love will try to literally find you a perfect match of a soul mate. You'll only be required to be willing and attentive. This is how the first winter months of 2014 will unfold for you. They will be peaceful, beneficial and happy. All of your wishes will come true almost instantaneously and all of your plans will soon be realized. It goes without saying, this will be one of the best periods in your personal life.

Spring 2014 will make things even better. The relations with your friends and family, which in early 2014 were tarnished ever so slightly by occasional quarrels and insignificant conflicts, will become practically perfect. However, while soaking up all the love and understanding, you should always care about others' feelings and keep in mind that true friendship is first and foremost your sincere desire to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. Things are going to be equally positive with your partner, but much more straight-forward. If your significant other's true colors are not what you expected, your break up will be quiet, fast and laconic. Pisces will easily avoid unnecessary claims and grievances. On the other hand, there may be no problems at all given strong feelings and reciprocated emotions. It is important, though, that you don't show even a drop of selfishness. This kind of warning might seem excessive given the Fishes' personal traits; still stars take it upon themselves to remind you of it.

Things will once more change in your personal life when summer 2014 is upon us. And once again these changes will be positive. During summer months, particularly in June-July 2014, it would be ideal for Pisces and your friends or just two of you to go to some resort - the farther the better. It would also be good for you to visit a health spa since it is in summer that you might develop some health issues. Still, even a simple trip to the seaside might turn out to be an interesting, cognitive and joyful event.

Fall of 2014 will not be as memorable of a time as summer or spring was. Nonetheless, there will be many more positive moments than negative ones. Pisces will be able to solve any problem in a prompt and filigree manner - Jupiter's increased influence is the reason for this. It is during this time that your diplomatic skills and eloquence will shine. During the fall months many things will be likely to pan out for you, especially if you are not ready for a serious relationship yet and feel obligated to enjoy life to its fullest. You have to exercise care, though, in terms of alcohol abuse - such things are always sure to block the stellar positive energy.

In winter of 2014 everything in your personal life will come to some sort of a common denominator on the backdrop of general improvements in all spheres of your life. Even though the nature of the above-mentioned denominator will directly depend on your actions during the year, one thing is clear - any outcome will be positive.

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