2014 Horoscope for Rooster Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Rooster

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rooster, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

The patroness of the year 2014 - the Green Wooden Horse, does not only have an enviable work ethic, but also commendable virtue. That will be the main source of conflict between the Rooster and the four-footed hostess in this period. The Horse has a simple view on a love relationship: a stallion, a mare, a foal - constitute a complete family. For absolute happiness, add a tight-knit family herd, and a perfect picture of the world is ready. For the Rooster, this is much more complicated. He is used to proudly walking around the yard, surrounded by his adoring harem. Often, you feel love-affection, love-friendship, love-hate, and many other senses at their different stages of development. In the Year of the Horse, the Universe requires the Rooster to settle down, preferably to one partner, but the feathered Sultan will want it all at once, same as before. The lack of parallel romances and adrenaline will marinate your life, making it dull and monotonous. In this situation, the horoscope suggests two scenarios: you can live and play on the proposed rules, or you can jump into battle with fate and accept the inevitable defeat. If you agree to make a nest with some chicken, then maybe after a while you will appreciate the charm of a stable relationship. Roosters, who do not want to be guided by the Green horse morality and cram their lives into its framework, will continue to recklessly create romances, except that these relationships are likely to be unsuccessful. Your passions will somehow learn about each other and arrange loud fights that will not add you any good mood or mental equilibrium. As a result, a Rooster may find December 31st, 2014 in the company of men and a tail plucked by angry chicks. If you do not want to seize the New Year with beer and fish under the accompaniment of conversations like "all women are fools", then try to become an exemplary family man and a loyal partner.

In the next 12 months, the married Roosters should remember that we are not living in an eastern country, and that our partners have equal rights. If you suddenly decide that you no longer want to live in a polluted metropolis, it does not mean that the whole family will have to hurry in packing your bags and moving without objection to the country. Perhaps the household does not appeal to the prospect of spending half a day on the road, and from a surplus of oxygen, they start having abdominal cramps and tinnitus. Respect the wishes of your loved ones and bring issues to general discussion, rather than simply put your family before a pre-decided fact. The Roosters that manifest disregard and selfishness, will mercilessly be pecked by those surrounding it, so if you don't want the house to be full of ripped feathers, be attentive to the words and actions of the people dear to your heart. While settling family conflicts, do not forget about health. The horoscope advises Roosters to devote more time to physical exercise to avoid heart problems. Keep in mind that the pursuit of a women's skirt is not considered a sport, and therefore is unlikely to add health.

In 2014, the Green Horse has prepared for the members of your sign some cockfighting. At work, you will come across some powerful and dangerous enemies, who are used to winning and take from life whatever they want. You will have to mobilize all intelligence, skill, and courage to throw yourself into the thick of the battle for the leadership chair. Your current boss will play a rather big role in the future events. A Rooster, who appreciates his place and knows how to show it, will move to the front lines, and be able to fluff up its tail as the office's winner. Confidence and correct positioning will enhance its credibility in the eyes of colleagues and partners, and the grace of current leaders will help the Rooster to take off even higher. The Rooster who will decide to show who is boss in this henhouse, will spend the Year of the Horse in clashes and conflicts. An office is not fight club, and those surrounding it are unlikely to understand the aggressive behavior of bullies. Most likely, the manager tired of the constant complaints and scandals would prefer to get rid of problematic employees, putting them out the door. Instead of wasting time bickering and disputing, the Roosters should give into collective projects. Firstly, it will help you acquire useful skills and learn from more experienced colleagues, and secondly, it will prevent the temptation to throw the started action mid-way. In essence, a Rooster resembles a match: quickly ignited, but also quickly to go out. The representative of this sign can generate many good ideas in a short period, but having the patience to bring them to life is a whole other matter. If your colleagues would constantly twirl you, stir up trouble and cause you to act, then you will necessarily get addicted to the process and reach the finish line with everybody. The horoscope warns that this period is not suitable for investment. Do not put your signature on risky financial transactions, if you do not want to lose your savings and get the fame of a brainless chicken.

In 2014, the Roosters will be spoiled by the golden rain, which, however, will slip between your fingers and disappear. Despite the fact that the cash flow will be quite large, the Roosters will not acquire a marble palace, and will not start eating caviar by the spoons. Great revenue brings great need, so in the next 12 months you will often think about how to limit your expenditures and save some of your salary for a rainy day. Many people will almost go back to the times of being a fun-filled student, living in grand style at the beginning of the month and being poor towards the end. Try to correctly plan your budget and not borrow, because it teaches us a bad habit of performing in front of others in the form of a beggar. Live within our means, and use every means to fly higher!

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crazy cock 2015-04-11 09:08:39
I was reading my 2014 horoscope on this site to check for events that happened last year and this prediction was the most accurate thus far all the way down to the December 31st 2014 prediction of two passions finding out about the other. New Years Eve 12/31/2014, my ex confronted me and my new guy and this was a traumatic experience and the correlation from this site is amazing, I mean you have this prediction just based on birt year, not even date or time of birth.I just want to thank you for your complete accuracy all the way down to the date of the New Years Eve event. If you can gather all of this based just on year, I would be amazed to see what predictions follow with all of my information do you do individual horoscopes?

You have a loyal follower in me because I prefer accuracy over generalization. I just want to thank you for being so thorough I will follow this site for all my future predictions thank you 😭 😭
Bidamkawhi 2014-06-03 04:45:41
hmmm..... almost almost on track what happening to me so far....

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