2014 Horoscope for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Capricorn

Astrology forecast for 2014, the year of the Green Wood Horse. 2014 Horoscope for people born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign.

For Capricorn the year of 2014 is not going to be easy. Difficulties might arise in any sphere of life and goals will be far from reach.

At the same time, nothing extraordinarily bad will happen and all the difficulties will be possible to overcome. Capricorn should remember this and, at the same time, do everything they can to crush the obstacles if they want the stars to help. There will be at least three planets which will gladly lend their assistance to Capricorn: Saturn, Mars and Sun. These celestial bodies' interplay will never leave you "bare-naked" in any moment of 2014. Nevertheless, the negative energy of Moon and Jupiter will at times find its way through to you; that's when you'll have to stay focused and very observant of life around you. As a result, it'd be logical to divide 2014 into five unique time periods.

The first period will last from early January till late February. During this time Capricorn will find it quite difficult to follow the plan and reach the goals. Those of you without any plans and goals will hardly notice a thing, though; but by the time the spring is in the air you may lose what little you've got. If you are careless and irresponsible, it'll hardy be an exaggeration to say that 2014 might become a true hell for you and no one knows what lies on the other side of your journey through the year. If you are ready to fight for your happiness and success, stars will certainly be on your side. No matter how hard times might be, don't lose faith in yourself and those around you. One of your old colleagues might prove dishonest and you business will suffer. You should be ready for this and take timely precautions. As far as your personal life goes, there might be a chance of serious disagreements between your family and your significant other. To neutralize this chance, you must try to identify all possible reasons for these disagreements. Your diplomacy skills might come handy now. Your health might add to your troubles, unfortunately - chronic illnesses might remind you of themselves.

The second time period will start with spring (March) and end with its second month (late April). Things will get a bit better for Capricorn since Mars and Sun will move to their active phases, but don't be in a rush to sign with relief just yet. Be prepared to deal with as many as two-three of quite serious production problems due to someone's carelessness, negligence or laziness. These problems might cause some further damage if not identified and neutralized by the end of spring. Stars suggest you don't hold back in this situation since there is a good chance to nip all problems in a bud. You'll have no choice but make the staff policy more rigid -keeping incompetent employees around won't do your business any good. Things at home might follow the negative pattern of things at work. Relationship with your significant other will take a positive turn, though. Capricorns will have to make a lot of efforts to keep things this way. Stars don't tell us what exactly will have to be done, but be ready for a sharp change of all your plans: most likely, you'll need it. Our solar system celestial objects have never favored conservatives.

The third time period (May through August) for many Goats will start with a prolonged illness. It will probably be some complicated form of flu or similar condition. Unfortunately, there is no saying how to avoid this problem. You will have to be very careful and proactive if you want to grab the only chance of coping with the situation and that is recognize an impending danger and take steps to neutralize it. The good thing is you'll have that chance. On the other hand, things at work will take a positive turn and be on a positive track to success. Things at home will also be quite stable. This phase for Capricorn promises to be a long period of calm and stability.

The fourth period of time (September through mid-November) will put Capricorn back in shape, but this time health issues will be replaced by the troubles at work. Business will go from bad to worse. There is no need for panic, though. What there's need for is analytical thinking and effective decision making. You might have to say no to some things, but one well thought-out move might provide a quick and reliable solution for all the problems. Otherwise, your future might hold a prolonged financial crisis.

The fifth time period which will start mid-November and end with 2014, will bring good luck to Capricorn once again. Health will be sound even if you don't take a good care of yourself. Work environment will unexpectedly offer new opportunities and you'll hit the jackpot by quickly taking advantage of it. Your relations with your second half will be characterized by absolute certainly and mutual understanding. Just don't scare off your good luck and remember that only dignity and justice are worth the praise.

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