Capricorn Horoscope for December 2014

December 2014 Horoscope Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for December 2014

Monthly December 2014 Horoscope for Capricorn
Monthly December 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn

In December 2014, the zodiac House of Capricorn will be under the influence of exclusively those planets that are of the classical order. That means that not a single of the large-scale planetary combinations will have any significant influence of the representatives of this zodiac constellation. On one side, this has an undoubtful positive effect, but there are probably as many minuses in this situation as there are pluses. First, we should pay attention to Mars, the planet-exalt of the House of Capricorn. In December, Mars will become the "celestial leader" of the Earth trigon, meaning that his positive emanations in regards to Capricorn will be at least doubled. At the same time, Saturn - the planet-ruler of this House, will create a very powerful energetic shield around his earthly protege, which will be able to screen through all negative influence on behalf of Jupiter, responsible for the "fall" of the Capricorn. The Moon, responsible for the "expulsion" of this House, will be able to focus the most of her active negative energy upon the sphere of work. This focus will fully defend the love front on one side, but on another it guarantees large problems in the sphere of business.

So the sphere of entrepreneurship will not bring the required result to the Capricorn in December 2014. At least you will not receive what you are counting on. You must be prepared for this. You must also be prepared that to reach even the most insignificant of goals you will have to seriously work. Yes, this is unfair, especially considering that many of those around you will receive more than necessary at the most minimal of efforts. This does not at all mean that you have to lay your hands down and just go with the flow. Such actions will lead to an even bigger failure and then returning to the lost positions will be even harder. So do not rush to curse fate, it is better to concentrate on your priorities. It does not matter how many there will be: two, three, five or ten. It is important not to be distracted on other tasks. With that, never manipulate others, even in the best of intentions. During the current period this may prove to be too dangerous for your energy. Do not be shy of telling people the truth to their faces, since full honesty without any hypocrisy may be a truly powerful weapon against circumstances. It is important to provide this truth in well thought-out doses and in much defined time intervals. Otherwise, the result will be directly contrary to what is expected.

The sphere of personal relationships will be characterized as having an energetically calm atmosphere in December 2014. During the first days of the month, you will discover a unique capability to neutralize even the harshest of conflicts with just your presence. Use this gift wisely, both for yourself and for those around you. The stars never do something for no reason, which means that some of your actions may be a first link in a powerful chain of events, the outcome of which will be defined strictly by you. Here and now. This is a big responsibility, but with outstanding capabilities there is always this extra thing - it is uneasy to use for a wise person. However, you will be happy in your relationships with your lover. She will be much calmer under your unending supervision. Her tiring hysterics will leave and never come back, even when your newfound "ability" will disappear. It will disappear, do not worry, around the middle of the third ten-day period. So you do not have that much time in reality. Do not waste it on trifles.

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