2014 Love Horoscope for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

2014 Love Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2014 for the year of the Green Wood Horse

The year of 2014 is not going to bring Capricorn much change on their love front. Some of you might not be happy with the forecast like this. Unfortunately, due to Mars and Saturn's interplay the solar system planets can guarantee you relative peace, but it'll cost you and the lack of progress will be the price. However, you shouldn't interpret this forecast literally. If you and your significant other are confident in what you have and are planning a few important events for this year, everything will be just fine. The above-mention forecast refers more to those of you who haven't made up their mind yet. Please, note, stars do not suggest you should rush life-changing events in 2014.

In early 2014 (in winter and first half through spring) you'll have to work real hard to keep your relations afloat. Frequent conflict situations are likely to pop up all the time and Capricorn as well as your partner will equally share the blame. In order to avoid constantly dealing with this, it is important that you have an open straight-forward conversation right after the very first conflict. If you can neither see eye to eye in some important issues nor can you compromise on them, it's better to part your ways once and for all: it'll be the only decent and simple way to handle the situation.

In late spring 2014 Capricorn might look forward to meeting a new partner. Both of you will see no future together, but this kind of relationship will be what both of you will need right about then. This period will prove to be a transitional stage between two much more significant periods in your life. In this regard, you should pay special attention to June 13 2014. During this Full Moon the firmament will display a unique show which, on the one hand, will exhibit the general decline of life energy activity, but on the other hand, will expose an abnormal environmental activity. In other words, your personal life will be full of unexpected moments; moreover, the wilder your plans are, the more chances for success there'll be.

Starting with mid-summer 2014 and all the way till late fall 2014 the Capricorn will be going into battles between certainty and unfounded thirst for conflicts fighting each other with the varying degree of success. You'll have to lose some ground in order to go through this difficult time. The unsympathetic Moon and its excessive negative energy will be to blame. If you don't want the sun's younger sister to send a thousand and one troubles your way, you'd better change the situation once and for all. It'd be ideal for you to quit your job and go away on a trip. It is, however, too ideal... Unfortunately, nowadays our noble kind is lacking courage, thus stars have something simpler in mind. For instance, you might try to find a new time-consuming hobby or take your closest friends for a camping trip to a forest for couple of days and then come back. Such distraction will significantly defuse the situation and help you achieve certainty in the relations with your current partner or find happiness with a new one by winter.

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